Deploy Zabbix Client ( on Win server2008

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Server ip: (centos6.6)

Windows client: (Win server2008)

Zabbix Server version: 2.4.6

Zabbix Client version: 2.4.0


1. Download and unzip

Address: Http://

Unzip to C drive and rename directory to Zabbix

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Conf directory is the agent configuration file, the bin file is stored under Windows 32-bit and 64-bit installer, this time using 64-bit, C:\zabbix\bin\win64

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2. Configure and install the Zabbix Agent client

1) Configure the Zabbix agent-related configuration.

Edit the configuration file under C:\zabbix\confcon using the notepad++ software

Modify the four parameters of logfile, Server, Hostname,serveractive . The specific configuration is as follows:

Logfile=c:\zabbix_agentd.log--->zabbix log storage address

server=>Zabbix server IP address

Hostname=nhzf.winserver --->ZABBIX client hostname (this name should be the same as specified in the Zabbix Web configuration interface, otherwise an error will occur)

serveractive=>zabbix server address

2) Web-side Add host

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3) Install Agent Client

Under Windows Console, execute the following command:

c:\users\administrator> C:\zabbix\bin\win64\zabbix_agentd.exe-c c:\zabbix\conf\–i

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Frequently used commands:

-C: Specify all configuration file locations

-I: Installing the Client

-S: Start the client

-X: Stop the Client

-D: Uninstalling the Client

3. Start Zabbix Agent Client

The start command is as follows:

c:\users\administrator>C:\zabbix\bin\win64\zabbix_agentd.exe-c C:\zabbix\conf\–s

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The program that starts will be opened as a console. To view the logs that are started:

1912:20160429:164922.455 starting Zabbix Agent [Nhzf.winserver]. Zabbix 2.4.0 (revision 48940).

1912:20160429:164922.455 using Configuration file:c:\zabbix\conf\

1912:20160429:164922.470 Agent #0 started [main process]

3024:20160429:164922.470 Agent #1 started [collector]

2368:20160429:164922.470 Agent #2 started [listener #1]

1972:20160429:164922.470 Agent #4 started [listener #3]

2632:20160429:164922.470 Agent #3 started [listener #2]

2092:20160429:164922.470 Agent #5 started [active checks #1]

There are no error prompts to view the status and availability of the Zabbix Web configuration interface as normal:

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Monitor is added successfully.

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Deploy Zabbix Client ( on Win server2008

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