Deploying SOLR 4.7.0 in the Tomcat environment of Windows

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The main steps are as follows:

1, download solr-4.7.0.tgz;

2, decompression solr-4.7.0.tgz, unzip the directory structure as follows:

3. Copy the Solr.war from the Example/webapps directory into the WebApps directory of Tomcat;

4, start the Tomcat server, this time will be error, temporarily do not tube, just to understand the pressure war package, start to close after the completion of Tomcat;

5, create a new TOMCAT-SOLR folder (name and location arbitrarily), I built under the D disk.

6. Continue to the solr-4.7.0 directory and copy all files and directories under the EXAMPLE/SOLR directory to the newly created Solr-tomcat directory:

( Note that the Solr.xml file requires only one copy, which does not require multiple copies when configuring multiple indexes)

7. Copy all jar packages under example/lib/ext/to Tomcat/webapps/solr/web-inf Lib directory, total 5, is SOLR's independent log processing module;

8. Create a new classes directory under tomcat/webapps/solr/web-inf/, and copy the file under Example/resources to the classes directory. Otherwise the log module does not work properly;

9. Locate the tags in the Web. xml file that are used to configure the environment variables, remove the annotations, and modify the environment variables to

<env-entry>  <env-entry-name>solr/home</env-entry-name>
<!--The following path is the directory path above Solr-tomcat--<env-entry-value>d:/path/apache-tomcat-6.0.35/webapps/solr/example </env-entry-value> <env-entry-type>java.lang.String</env-entry-type></env-entry>

10, restart Tomcat, will not report errors, will print a lot of info log information, which will have warn information, this reason is because in Collection1 under the configuration of Solrconfig.xml:

Because I did not configure SOLR's above module to come in, so there will be warnings, can be commented out.

You can also change the corresponding path to the jar package that should point to.

11. Browser Input: HTTP://LOCALHOST:8080/SOLR can see the management interface of SOLR:

Deploying SOLR 4.7.0 in the Tomcat environment of Windows

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