Deploying WebService and win7iis7 in IIS7 in Win7

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Deploying WebService and win7iis7 in IIS7 in Win7
Recently, I was busy with a Web Bug fix, which was written by my predecessors. The architecture was very simple, a front-end project, a WebService project, and some background dll. This product has been rejected for a long time, because it cannot be started, and the impression is not running. Now there is a problem with the customer, and there is no way to take over. When the Web is good, an error is reported during running. In fact, I feel that this is not conducive to development. For example, if you reference WebService, it is clear that the reference is out of date, but it can be compiled. If you run it, it will be stuck and an error will be reported on the interface. Attempt to update Web service reference, failed, Error 404, unload the previous reference and re-add web service reference. For details, refer Because my WebService is in the same solution, I directly find the added service in the solution when I add it. This problem has plagued me for a day. Now we can run smoothly, and there is a problem with the deployment. When the code can run and is deployed to IIS, an error is reported. From the error content, the WebService Service service cannot be found, which makes people confused. Various posts are also searched on the Internet, methods have also been tried, and WebService can also be browsed normally, that is, it cannot be called. QQ asked two people, no birds, the Group also asked, directly ignore, no one in the department is doing things, this can be annoying, really a little sense of the end of the road. Why can't it be called? Permission? Brother, I have already opened everyone. How can I start it? If you can directly enter an address on the web site to see the web service page, it means that the service is okay. If you can access the page normally, the method is clear. Why can't I call the page, not so fun. I plan to set up a small program to tune up the service. Everything is simplified, simple, and there is only one HelloWord method. The same is true. The code can be tuned and cannot be tuned once deployed. An accidental and casual glance showed me flaws! The path is where xuanjicang is located! I noticed that after iis is deployed, the WebService can be browsed normally, but the path is not the called path in the Code. It is no wonder that it cannot be called, so it is set to the virtual path again, point to the physical path of WebService, convert it to an application, and call it again! It took me another day to solve this problem. Although I have succeeded, I still have two questions. If a master passes by, I may wish to explain it to me. Question 1: if a new website is created during iis deployment, You need to specify a port. In this way, you must use an IP address with a port to access the website. This is a bit strange, I haven't seen any access from Baidu with a port. If both are deployed on the default website, no port is required. The default port is 80, and the page can be accessed through localhost, it is common sense, but in VS, it will automatically create a port for you. After referencing it, it will be a fixed ing and must contain a port. iis can create a virtual path without a port, I can't always set VS to port 80. I don't need to try it. It must be a port conflict. Question 2: When you create a website, you have already directed to the physical path. In this case, you must add another virtual path to point to this path. Otherwise, you can only access the website through localhost + port, A Website Cannot specify a virtual path and must be added. Since this path may be useless, why do you point to a new website? Since it is a chicken rib, do a good job of chicken ribs, or else the function will be more powerful. I wonder if you have such troubles. Do you have any good solutions and hope to give you some advice. The two problems mentioned above took me two days, and there were also many small problems during the period. I tried them one by one and gained a lot. If you nerver try, you will nerver know. continue to work!
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Deploy vs2008 project-C/S framework-WebService deployment Diagram
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How to deploy webservice in iis7

After the release, you can directly throw the webservice to IIS ......

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