Deployment failure on Tomcat 7.x appears when Web project is published.

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Deployment failure on Tomcat 7.x was present when a Web project was released in CentOS 6.5. Could not copy all resource to/usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.52 /webapps/webapps/usermanager.if a file is locked, you can wait for until the lock times out to redeploy, or stop the sever and Redeploy,ot manually remove the redeployment At/usr/local/apache-7.0.52/webapps/usermanager

The first thing I felt when this error occurred was that it might be a problem with the permissions of the Tomcat file (both the Tomcat-owning group and the user are root), and then ran to the WebApps folder in the Tomcat folder to the W permission. After posting on MyEclipse, the error is still

Helpless lift or FQ find the answer, almost nothing, finally still in degrees Niang there found a lot of this error, method is generally project-->build path-->configure build Path-->java build Path, Check out the libraries, and see the exclamation point to remove it, done!

But, this method does not work Ah, my root is not wrong, finally find my Tomcat directory, check the folder permissions, decisive Su, and then Chmod-r 777, because it is their own learning, so the authority gave,,, re-release, success!

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Deployment failure on Tomcat 7.x appears when Web project is published.

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