Depressing when using the MSP430 analog comparator

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The analog comparator module 430 was being tuned last night and today, but there is still a problem. I really don't know where the problem is. The user manual clearly shows that the comparator output can be connected to the timer capture. I also gave a similar schematic. What I do is to use this function. I don't have a routine, and no one asked me on the Internet. I did not implement it by myself. reading the manual, it seems that I can connect to the catcher internally, but I just didn't get it out.

Finally, I simply set an I/O port to the output function of the caout analog comparator, and then connect the caout port to a capture port using the dual line to implement the capture. Finally, I tried it. Yes, but then I appeared again when I used it to test the frequency. The test was not allowed. After checking for a long time, fail, give up... Alas, for a tangled Day, I sincerely hope you can give me a related application.ProgramAnd I am very grateful.

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