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It is estimated that people sometimes feel that the computer memory is always above 50%, feel the comparison card. In fact, we can improve the following computer virtual memory to improve the performance of the computer. Now that you are generally using the deep Win7 flagship, the author simply says the following depth Win7 how the flagship version is set. After the optimization mom will never have to worry about me playing games. All right, let's do it.

Action method:

1, first turn on the computer, my Computer, right button, open properties. As shown in the figure.

2, in My Computer properties panel, as shown in the picture, select the senior system settings, in the pop-up box to choose Settings, out of performance options, if the novice does not understand the words here can choose the best performance mode, click on the advanced above the virtual memory settings.

3, open the Virtual memory page, cancel the top tick, and then select the Setup program disk and system disk. Select the custom size below, fill in the value, the value can refer to the recommendation below, the maximum can be twice times the actual memory.

Setup tips: Virtual memory up to twice times the actual memory, recommended that we use about 1.5. Of course, you can adjust their own slowly to achieve their ideal settings.

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