Depth: VMware VSAN 6.0 Performance features explained

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When I joined EMC world many years ago, I had the privilege of talking to Chuck Hollis and WMware about a very interesting thing. They wanted to take advantage of local storage resources that were not exploited in ESX hosts. Instead of simply keeping the ESX boot image, they want the entire ESX cluster to be able to use these resources. We also talked about a similar clustered file system that can protect data across ESX hosts. When I said that the disks were too slow, they said they could use SSDs to speed up IO operations. I thought it was interesting and curious when there would be concrete practice, as you guessed something really came up: Virtual SAN. I was curious when the first version appeared, but really, it didn't feel right. A year later, today's Vsan has evolved to Vsan 6.0.

Of course, VSAN 6.0 is much better, faster, and bigger. With vsphere 6.0,VMDK, you can scale to 62TB, up to 64 hosts in the cluster. The number of virtual machines on a node has doubled from 100 to 200, with a maximum of 6400 units per cluster. Multi-node means more capacity and higher performance. With a 4TB hard drive, you can increase the original capacity to 9PB.

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VSAN6.0 introduces a new storage-based policy management (Storage policies Based Management) pattern that enables precise management at the level of each virtual machine, rather than the entire storage data of the faces. This allows each virtual machine to individually configure content such as availability, performance, and auto-thin provisioning. Because these are dynamically configured, if a virtual machine suddenly requires additional protection, then Vsan will soon be supported. This new approach is simpler and supports finer control than previous versions.

Vsan is a good tool to use with traditional hard drives as storage space and as a hybrid storage system that uses flash memory for read cache acceleration. To achieve optimal performance, an all-flash configuration is introduced. In order to control costs, storage space uses a cost-effective MLC. Vsan still requires a cache layer, but this is not for performance. Instead, this is to minimize write workloads and thus prolong their service life. The writing characteristics of workloads are a very worthwhile issue to study.

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Another surprising change in VSAN 6.0 is the addition of the disk format that was obtained after acquiring Virsto. Vsan now has a log-based data layout that is both efficient and fast. The new format helps reduce write amplification on the SSD and on random I/O on disk. This will lead to a performance boost, and Virsto's technology brings significant positive changes to snapshot technology in order to further improve performance. We no longer have to use outdated vsphere snapshots. We have a metadata-based snapshot and cloning technology that will be faster, more space-saving, and have very little impact on performance.

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Depth: VMware VSAN 6.0 Performance features explained

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Depth: VMware VSAN 6.0 Performance features explained

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