Describes how to set up stable Internet access for D-Link wireless routers.

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This section describes how to set up stable Internet access for D-Link wireless routers. Before giving you a detailed introduction to D-Link wireless router settings, first let everyone know the corresponding parameters in the configuration mode, then we will give a full introduction to Internet sharing and select the most simple solution of using a Broadband Router.

D-Link DI-624 + A is A very popular wireless router on the market, it is simple and practical, the price is applicable, attracting the eyes of many people, however, you have encountered some D-Link wireless router configuration problems during use. The following are some solutions for D-Link wireless router configuration when wireless Internet access is unstable: for DI-624 + A wireless network instability problem: the use of wireless network if the phenomenon of instability will be caused by A variety of factors, the following is the general possible reasons to explain:

You can reset the settings and upgrade the latest software version.

Before downloading and upgrading the software on the website, be sure to check the hardware version and software version of the device you are using: **) the firmware version can be viewed under the system information in the system status on the WEB configuration interface.

When downloading the firmware version, you must select the same firmware version as the hardware version of the specified device, during the upgrade process, do not click Cancel or power down the router. For details about the firmware upgrade process and precautions, refer to the instructions in this section on the website ).


D-Link wireless router settings

D-Link wireless routers can be reset in either of the following ways: 1. You can use the reset key next to the power Jack to hold down the reset key for 5-8 seconds when the router is powered, after the vro is automatically restarted, you can enter the configuration page. Second, click the tool button in the menu, select system settings on the left, and then click reply settings.

Before resetting the D-Link wireless router, make sure that you know the settings you have set for the router, such as the user name and password set by PPPoE. After resetting, the router will return to the default factory settings, and the settings you have previously set will not exist.

Encrypt Your Wireless Device

If DI-624 + A's wireless settings are not encrypted, then people around you are likely to be able to find your wireless device so that you can use DI-624 + A without knowing it, in this case, you must set encryption measures for your D-Link wireless router. The method is as follows:

On the homepage, click the wireless network button on the left. The wireless end is activated by default, that is, you can use the wireless function of the router in this status, and the Second Wireless Network IDSSID) that is, after the name of your wireless device is set, you can search for the name of the wireless network ). The last security mode is "NONE" by default, and you can select encryption mode encryption settings from this drop-down option, see-DI-624 + AD-Link wireless router settings ).


D-Link wireless router settings

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