Description and download of the Free Software "procview/System Process Monitoring" written by masm32 v1.4.4003

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The system process monitoring program compiled with masm32 can display the complete file specifier of the system process under Win 95/98/2 k/XP to terminate the selected process.

For usage instructions, see the Help File procview. chm In the downloaded RAR compressed package.



You can download the system process monitoring program from the tools/system analysis and repair directories in the

Update record

Version Date Description
1.4.4003 (15,872 bytes, MD5: 4801181fad4642f89c4e92daaf26866c) 2007.01.22 1. Compare the File Creation Time and modification time, and use the large ones as the modification time. (Use the pe_xscan code pai_^)
2. Change the process Icon size in the system process list from 16x16 to 18x18.
1.4.4002 (15,872 bytes) 2006.10.28 1. some malicious programs (such as the Trojan. psw. lmir. KTN, etc.) will be attached to the right-click menu, so that it is activated when the right-click menu is displayed, so the "right-click to call the associated menu" option is added. If this option is not selected, right-click to display the File Attribute box.
2. fixed the problem that the last modification time of display process and related module files was 8 hours earlier than the actual time.
3. added a mechanism to prevent process overlap and refresh
4. The process list will not be automatically refreshed when the hidden program window is displayed.
1.4.4001 (14,848 bytes) 2006.10.03 1. display the icon of the file corresponding to the Process
2. display the process image name (it is easy to find malicious processes with the same name as the system process after sorting)
3. display the last modification time of processes and related module files (to facilitate the discovery of recently infected malicious files)
1.4.4000 (14,336 bytes) 2006.10.01 1. filter "/?" In the file description /, Replace "/SYSTEMROOT/" in the file name description /"
2. Support right-click to call the system Association menu
1.4.3002 (13,312 bytes) 2006.09.28 Displays the complete file description of the relevant module.
1.4.3000 2005.05.01 Add the module File Information called by each process to the exported process list.
1.4.2000 2004.11.27 1. added the Windows version information and the current system time to the exported process list file.
2. eliminates the problem that the names of terminated processes may still appear in the process list and disappear after refreshing.
3. optimized the code for terminating the process.

When the program runs, an icon is added to the system tray area.

The user is asked to confirm when the process is terminated.

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