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The ADSL2 + and 4bandVDSL access methods launched by Huawei have the following features:

1. Unified broadband access platform. The ADSL2 + and 4bandVDSL access methods are directly introduced on the original DSLAM device, that is, the interface board compatible with other business board slots is provided on the original SmartAXDSLAM device, the original device can be flexibly configured based on the user's numbering requirements.

2. Unified management platform. Implements simple operations of new technologies on device applications. 3. unified test platform. This allows you to perform a unified test with the original DSLAM device without the need to configure it separately. Huawei's latest ADSL2 + Access Technology complies with ITU-TG.992.3 (ADSL2) and G.992.5 (ADSL2 +) standards. ADSL2/2 + adds some new features on the basis of the first-generation ADSL, and greatly improves the performance and functions. ADSL2 + is developed based on ADSL2, and ADSL2 + has all the features of ADSL2.

Higher speed: Due to wider spectrum, ADSL2 + has more sub-carriers (512). When the distance is short, the downlink speed can reach up to 24 Mb/s.

Longer access distance: applications with a distance close to 7km are supported. The speed can reach no less than kb/s for the downlink and no less than kb/s for the uplink.

More abundant chip-level line test functions: SELT (SingleEndLoopTest) can perform single-ended tests on the line length, speed, and diameter. In the future, it will also support DELT (DualEndLoopTest ), perform more accurate dual-end tests on line noise, loop attenuation and length, bridgetap, and reachable rate.

Lower power consumption: by reducing the transmission power, adding a low power consumption mode, and providing power management functions such as the powercutback function for CO and CPE, the device provides more low power consumption during stable operation.

Better interconnectivity: ADSL Transceiver is divided into TPS-TC (convergence sub-Layer Related to transmission protocol), PMS-TC (convergence sub-layer related to physical media) as well as MPS-TC (management protocol-related aggregation sub-layer, used for network management interface), each sub-layer is encapsulated and the message between the sub-layer is defined, it is helpful to achieve intercommunication between devices of different manufacturers.

More operating modes: full digital mode AnnexI compatible with ADSLoverPOTS (annexA) and full digital mode compatible with ADSLoverISDN (annexB, the bandwidth of the narrowband voice service can be used to transmit upstream data.

More stable operation and better spectrum compatibility and line diagnosis functions. Huawei also introduced the 4bandVDSL access technology, which is based on the 4BAND band of the standard VDSL set forth in ITUG.993.1, the maximum access bandwidth provided by twisted pair wires within a range of less than 1.5 kilometers can reach a symmetric 25 Mbps, asymmetric 52/26 Mbps rate. As a LONGREACHVDSL (LRVDSL) application, the 3-kilometer transmission rate can reach 4 Mbps/0.6Mbps, greatly expanding the application space of VDSL.

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