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Joomla is not only a free software, but also in the foreign well-known and content management, web development and mobile phone application development as one of a set of systems. Joomla is a software system developed using the PHP language plus MySQL database, which can be executed on a variety of platforms, such as Linux, Windows, MacOSX, and so on. It is currently developed and supported by open source matters, a group of members from around the world, with approximately 150 members, including developers, designers, system managers, writers, and more than 20,000 participating members.

Joomla actually has two open source things: One is the Joomla Content management system namely JOOMLACMS (content Management system, CMS). It is a basic management platform for the website, which is almost suitable for all kinds of websites from personal website to department store sales type. The second is Joomla Platform (Joomla frame). In theory, it is almost omnipotent, in addition to Web sites, but also for a wide range of web development, mobile application development and so on.

The latest version of Joomla Platform is Joomla Platform 12.1. The most important value of Joomla is that it is free open source software, is a hundred percent free software. Also because of its selfless dedication, Joomla is now not only representative of two software, but a global open source Exchange community! In this community, you can find countless sources of open source resources and selfless dedication to people. Joomla official for each version has a complete production cycle specification, as follows:



j1.6.x ~ J 1.7.x


j3.0.x ~ j3.1.x





2009-04 ~ 2012-01

2012-01 ~ 2014-12

2012-09 ~ 2014-01

2014-01 ~



long support

transition version

long-term support

transition version

long-term support


Joomla in the country's most important open source support site for the embarrassing China. Webmaster since 2005 to join the official Joomla translation group, has been adhering to the free translation and publicity Joomla. In addition, there are many Chinese learning exchange platform about Joomla, such as the door of Joomla focus on the third-party expansion of Chinese Joomla, Joomlask focus on the development of teaching and other excellent sharing site.

This article mainly analyzes the functions of Joomla2.5 and JOOMLA3.

JOOMLA2.5 has four main functions: Random table prefix, batch processing function, search result list, intelligent search. First, the random table prefix function to avoid the problem of the number of coverage, but also to enhance the security of the database, the new installation of Joomla 2.5 when filling in the database information, will automatically generate table prefixes, manual input requires a combination of pure digital letters, three to four bits long, and must be the end of an underscore. Next batch processing includes batch processing of articles, classifications, and links, as well as the ability to batch set up access to menus, and even bulk copy and move menus. The search results list feature then allows you to add a search result for a keyword as a list. Finally, the intelligent search function improves the response speed of the search, reduces the pressure on the server and improves the intelligence of the search.

What's more, Joomla2.5 has brought great changes to our site: New configuration requirements, nested classification mechanisms that replace sections, enhanced user interface consistency, Consolidated trash bins, new template-style mechanisms, adjustment of module management, rights Management level (ACL) And so on can help us to use and adapt to the development of computer science and technology.

Joomla3 introduced the bootstrap front-end framework and the Joomla User Interface (JUI), some of the basic CSS is integrated by default in Joomla 3, it also introduces Jfeed, instead of a simple feed function, and JOOMLA3 with tag this new feature and to the Joomla development platform version, Joomla 3 is equipped with the jquery library, Mootools is still in the background of normal use (such as the background drop-down menu), but this will not be the main JS library in the future, jquery must be replaced. At the same time in Joomla Hollow article can be unconditionally preserved, more importantly, it also has a more professional database support, so that Joomla can be in the large site before the extraordinary performance, and perfect the multi-language in the Joomla2.5, the expansion of the multi-language and fast filter function, install Joomla synchronization Online installation language pack, to the user brought great convenience.

Joomla software often because of its advanced website technology application, a huge additional package and business opportunities, a simple and rich operating interface, highly customized and development flexibility and other advantages to get the user's favorite. Joomla has applied a lot of new technology to website progress, such as "website cache technology" can accelerate the response and performance of the website. "RSS news broadcast and news reading" is a very popular web site news reading technology, in the blog (blogging) program is very common. "seo Search Engine Optimization" This is one of the most important technologies available on the web today, which is to make it easier for the search engine to browse the data on your site, so that more people can find your site on the search engine, which is equivalent to bringing more crowds and business opportunities to your site. " Add-ons and art-design scenes from thousands of different Web applications around the world are based on this system. Joomla Operation Interface In addition to aesthetics, but also spent a lot of effort in the design of these interfaces of simple operation, in addition can be paired with a variety of WYSIWYG editing programs, but also to the web design language unfamiliar managers, very easy to manage and edit the article on the site. It is these superior characteristics of the development of Joomla has been promoted.

The future trend of Joomla is not to worry too much, Joomla is one of the world's most popular open source CMS (content Management system, contents management systems). At present, nearly 3% of the world's websites are running Joomla. Joomla is used by individual users, small business users and large organizations around the world to easily create Web sites and Web-based applications. The latest version of Joomla is 3.0, this version achieves many technical optimizations, considering compatibility, the current Joomla 1.5 is obsolete. It is widely used and supported by Joomla 2.5. The most exciting part of Joomla is that it has a vast range of extensions and an incredibly rich template theme, almost without any coding to achieve all the features the site creators want to achieve.

There are many software similar to Joomla, including a more well-known software to mention Drupal Software, Drupal for community sites and blogs, Joomla is inclined to e-commerce.

And without saying the difference, Joomla can quickly turn a simple website into a social blog like Drupal. Joomla also has a very active user base development extension. So if you want to build a blog community site, or open an e-commerce blog, choose Joomla must not be wrong.

For beginners to try to use Joomla, you will find the magic of this software, will also be more conducive to our development and innovation in the field of computer industry, here I recommend a few of the Joomla Tutorial: "Joomla 2.5: Your website construction, use and management" (Free tutorial, Webmaster Derek wrote this is Joomla now the latest and most systematic tutorial, especially suitable for beginners; NetEase cloud classroom, "JOOMLA3 Rapid construction Station full record", details the latest version of JOOMLA3 use and development methods, examples

Description of Joomla and similar software

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