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Linux is a set of free and open source Unix-like operating systems, born on October 5, 1991 (the first officially announced), by the Finnish students Linus Torvalds and later joined the many enthusiasts jointly developed.

Linux is a POSIX and UNIX-based multi-user, multitasking, multi-threaded and multi-CPU operating system. It can run major UNIX tools software, applications, and network protocols that support 32-bit and 64-bit hardware. Linux inherits the design idea of Unix as the core of network, and is a stable multi-user network operating system.

There are many different versions of Linux, but they all use the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed in a variety of computer hardware devices, such as: mobile phones, tablets, routers, video game consoles, desktop computers, mainframes, and supercomputers.

Strictly speaking, the word Linux itself only represents the Linux kernel, but in fact people have become accustomed to using Linux to describe the entire Linux kernel, and use the GNU engineering various tools and databases of the operating system.

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Description of Linux

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