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Recently the project development, the company some people walked away. 3 April Peak Job hunting. The new recruits, led by me, explain the business rather troublesome, and need everyone to explain it again. So I drew the flowchart and sequence diagram with the existing features. I'll explain the flowchart first. Flowchart : The idea of using a graphical representation algorithm is an excellent method because it is not as good as a picture. The flowchart is used in assembly language and early basic language environment. The related also has a pad diagram, for Pascal or C language is very suitable. The tool uses Visio 2007, because it's too big to be uploaded here.

Program Flowchart Symbols:

A process line that represents the direction in which a program processes a process.

a terminal box that represents the beginning of a program processing process.

the execution box, which represents various program processing functions.

Decision Box, according to the conditions in the two alternative procedures to determine the process, select one of the program processing process

The entry or exit of a junction that is connected to the rest of the program's flowchart.

Learn to draw the flowchart:

In giving you a circular drawing of the connection

Finally welcome everyone to pay attention to my blog ....

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