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In November 17, 1887, a baby fell into the home of a priest in London, England.
It will be the name of the future, beadard Luo Montgomery. His grandfather, Sir Robbe, was a hero of the Indian war,
His grandfather was a loyal elder. His parents are also quite different in character. Father is a lord with a Holy Spirit
While the mother is a strong-willed, serious housewife. For those different types of people
Mali's growth has an important impact, among which the mother has the greatest influence on his psychological quality.
During his teenage years, he was a nasty naughty child and often suffered from attacks. When he was 14 years old, he officially started
He has a poor academic performance. This is not because his IQ is too low, but because of his unruly character that he turns into an inferior student. However
Yes, his sports are exceptionally good. He is good at swimming, and he is also outstanding in both baseball and rugby. Maybe because of his character and
The quality of professional military personnel is in a certain way. Montgomery yearned for his military career and was admitted to the royal sanhearst army at the age of 20.
School of things.
In December 1908, after his graduation, he was assigned to the royal Huawei Summer mission in India, serving as a lieutenant general.
In the First World War, he participated in the October 1914 irpur battle, suffered a negative injury in the battle, and obtained
Service honors. This is the starting point of his honor. After the injury, he served as the Chief Adviser of the division headquarters.
The First World War has a major impact on the young age of Montgomery. The war further stirred up his career in mauma
Love, but also strengthen the belief in dedication to this. Therefore, the practice of this period of time is very light for his long military career.
. In January 1920, he went to the Adviser University for further study. After graduating in December of the same year, he was assigned to the infantry 17th Brigade.
Served as a major adviser and participated in the Irish war. On April 9, January 1926, he was transferred back to the university of adviser as an instructor. 1930
In, the Ministry of Land and military affairs assigned him to recompile the infantry teaching materials. On June 23, October 1938, it was transferred to the Palestinian Major General.
Long. On September 16, August 1939, Mr. Yuan took over as the 3rd Division teacher of the Expeditionary Army. July 27, 1927, Montgomery and
Mrs. caver had a wedding, and he was 40 years old. The bride is a widow who has two boys, nearly 40 years old. But the two
After marriage, I was very respectful. Ten years later, my wife died and left him a 9-year-old son, David. Since then, Montgomery has been
Live a dedicated life.
Montgomery does not smoke, drink, and have no other hobbies. He uses all his keen intelligence in the military profession.
. From the end of the First World War to the outbreak of the Second World War, Montgomery devoted himself to studying the theory of war
And practices. He is brave and confident in an almost arrogant manner, but is benevolent and humane to his subordinates.
Communication, but he is able to win the support of his subordinates with outstanding performance. He is strict in military governance, good at employing people, and believes in "a kind of cohesion
Together the capabilities and will of soldiers for a common purpose, a character that inspires confidence,
In order to have plenty of energy to make decisions on major issues, he is a well-known instructor and an outstanding teacher and guard.
Area Commander. Although he can stand out, personnel relations are very general. This is because of the extraordinary nature of Montgomery,
He has offended the colleagues around him. On the other hand, the conservative ideas of the British military community cannot allow him to increase his ambition and innovation consciousness.
After the Second World War broke out, he led 3rd divisions to cross the Strait with the Brooke Army and traveled to Western Europe.
And Belgium. In the face of Hitler's "Flash war", most commanders were panic and unable to control the troops, monger
Mary was able to remain calm and take appropriate actions in the chaos, so despite his poor interpersonal relationships
However, the military accomplishments have consolidated the foundation of China. The celebrities of the British military and political circles, such as Brooke and Qiu Gill, have become the names of Mongolia.
A strong supporter of Gorley. After the departure of Western Europe failed, the British troops withdrew to China on June 1940, shortly after Montgomery
After being promoted to 5th and 12th military commanders, the United Kingdom began to feel the most threatening South-East as the garrison commander. After completing this
In the course of some missions, Montgomery showed the talents of a military strategist.
In July 1, 1942, the new commander of the British 8th Army in the North Africa desert was attacked by German fighters.
Click it and try again. Therefore, Montgomery, who had been ordered to run the torch operation, was ordered to fly again 24 hours later.
Luo became the commander of the 8th Army Group. The 8th Army is a group composed of Australia, South Africa, India, and the British.
Team. The shadow of failure and the gloomy atmosphere shrouded the entire army. Montgomery was placed in distress, and immediately reorganized his troops upon arrival,
Analyze the enemy's sentiments and instill new goals and winning confidence in the officers and soldiers. He ordered the troops not to log on from
The Raman front retreated. He first attacked the Allied armored forces against Rommel and then destroyed the target of the Allied armored forces with artillery.
This allows the German armored forces to dominate the conventional tactics of the battlefield and adopt the strategy and tactics to combat the past.
Positions are defended against, delaying, and killing enemies.
On October 21, August 31, Rommel's troops made up fuel and launched an attack against the Allied forces. Montgomery was strict before the war.
I carefully prepared and relied on my own insights and the newly established intelligence network to familiarize myself with this operation by the Germans. He
Simple and accurate enemy trapping plan, careful and concentrated reserve team, strict control of armored forces, and calm response in a severe environment
The war quickly made the British Army passive and active. Two hours before the German armored column was scheduled to depart, the Royal Air Force bombed it at night
The machine launches a destructive attack on German transportation vehicles in the assembled state. After the battle began, the British Air Force was dedicated to handling the attack.
The German tanks have suffered heavy casualties. After two days of fierce competition, Rommel's African legion was surrounded and powerless.
Attack again. Montgomery took the plane from defense to attack, and the troops were forced to seize all the weaknesses of the German army.
Attack. During the battle, Montgomery took the lead and often traveled to various battlefields. He does not wear a helmet but an Australian army.
Cap. This unique beret helmet among British senior commanders has played an extraordinary role. It becomes Montgomery
. The officers and soldiers will be encouraged to see it on the front line. Under the command of Montgomery, the 8th British Army
Zhenjunwei, Lian Zun and longmmel, the title of "Desert Fox", fell into an unprecedented passive location.
Bit. From 1942 to November, after several battles, the African Legion commanded by Rommel suffered devastating attacks.
The 8th Army won a major victory in the second battle of Alaman. The British army suffered 13 thousand casualties and suffered 10 losses.
The cost of zero artillery and 500 tanks wiped out more than 50 thousand African troops of Rommel and destroyed 1000 of artillery.
Door, about 500 tanks. Montgomery was known as a desert rat ". November 1942
By the end of 1943, Montgomery had moved to csily and Italy. During this time, although he had no special achievements
Without reason, Alibaba has accused American stars Barton and Brad record of public distrust of American military capabilities.
Less criticism, but in general, it is better than winning or losing.
In January 1944, Montgomery was appointed as the commander of the Allied cluster (including a collection
The largest amphibious warfare in the history of war-the battle of Normandy landing. This is another story of his career.
A glorious season. He makes full use of his outstanding organizational skills, extraordinary will, keen vision, and competent commanders.
In the headquarters of his alma mater Sao Paulo, the "simple concept" of the battle codenamed "Overlord action" was carefully developed.
Plan. To realize the unexpected nature of the battle, the Allied forces used many measures to implicitly concentrate troops and weapons and confuse the Germans. 6
On October 6, the Battle of Normandy login began. On October 6, the Allied forces occupied 100 kilometers in width, with a depth of 30 to 50 kilometers.
. Although the landing area is more than the reservation set by Montgomery and approved by the Allied Commander-in-Chief Howard
The login area is about half the size, but the allied forces can still concentrate a large number on this Login Field under the condition of absolute empty power.
All the troops and weapons failed the German Army's counterattack, thus realizing the overall strategic attempt.
Later, Montgomery directed the Allied clusters to fight in Belgium, the Netherlands, and northwestern Germany. UK resident in 1945
Commander-in-Chief of the German Army, who served as Chief of Staff of the Empire army in-years. 1948-1951
Chairman of the western allied Defense Committee Commander-in-Chief Committee. Armed with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Europe, January
The First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army.
Montgomery spent the rest of his life in his hometown after retiring in 1958. The English in the Second World War
Xiongxiong is still a proud legend in the British mind.

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