Design a photo album app, instead of the system's own album function, list the main functions

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Analysis: First analysis of the shortcomings of the original album, the user needs pain points, and then describe the interface design, and explain why users want to use your product. iOS system phone, comes with a camera with basic photo, basic beauty effect. In addition to local storage, icloud can be stored in the cloud, but it's a bit cumbersome and not very space. And, taking photos This behavior does not share the interactive behavior with the handset, must rely on other social software to carry on "the sun photograph". The self-brought system function interface is relatively dull. Thus, if I want to do the camera to let users in the use of the software, more like to take pictures, to increase the picture related scenes. Prefer to take a shine and share the incentive mechanism. User photo This behavior, must and share (let the user install force, let the user fly together)

Integration Mode : The user's behavior will have corresponding points reward, such as continuous landing, in the love lap community to send photos, comments, invite friends and so on. Points can be used to redeem physical items, redeem coupons for neighboring merchants, or permissions within the software: such as cloud albums more personal space and so on.

based on photo sharing: Is it possible to cooperate with the merchant, if the user took the photo with the merchant's logo, share in the community, get the praise above xx, and sent to the merchant dedicated channel to audit, by giving certain feedback. "My footprints.": Design a function, you can take photos of the user through time, place and other labels in series, form a commemorative short film form, template a variety of optional, interactive form can be used by the module is also available for their own choice. human face recognition, photo synthesis。 The login password of the album or the login password of the private album section can be done by face recognition (cool). Photo synthesis includes: Two large head shots to synthesize the future of the child's sample, or their ancestors are the sample and so on. These classes are fun to play. When the user registers the app, it chooses the visual style of the app through gender and user preferences. "A little Prototype"

Design a photo album app, instead of the system's own album function, list the main functions

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