Design and Implementation of 2.5D games in Java (3.5)-Implementation of Inter-role dialog scripts

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Today, we were lucky to have a big rain when we got home. In addition, the temperature drop has restored the music videos of the monks, so we have to write something temporarily (originally we wanted to send tloh (well, the basic part has been written), but it is estimated that this evening is not enough time to write an introduction |). Therefore, a supplementary example is provided for the implementation of the java2.5d game. Due to the small amount of added content, therefore, the chapter no. Is named [3.5], which can be considered as a supplement (Yes, I admit that this name has been influenced by Shen Bing Xuan Qi 3.5 ......).


Source code (Please download [Java 2.5D game development entry sample code-0.1.5], source code in jar):


Content added this time:

Small Map Display, Dialog script calling, scene blocking effect, role blood slot and shadow follow, scene switching.



For specific results, see:






Source code (Please download [Java 2.5D game development entry sample code-0.1.5], source code in jar):


As for the content of the article ...... Well, basically there is no such thing )...... Alas, who lost the tomato or half of it (-_-|)


It's easy, because ~ The so-called inter-role dialog implementation, I actually wrote an AVG + 2.5drpg and used it as an example to make 2.5drpg call the AVG script that was written not long ago, for specific implementation, please refer to the series of source code and the source code of this example in Java AVG game development getting started example. There is nothing to say about the differences between the two and three lines of code ...... I will not go into details about the other topics. I have sent all the source code )......


In addition, my generation of mail:, any questions can be sent here (although I do not often see this mailbox, but the mail will certainly reply, just time problems, ah, time question (wait 0 minutes). In short, you must reply ~)


Next, I will continue to improve this example to demonstrate how to build a complete 2.5D game combat system. But now -- Go to sleep cool (^ 3 ^ ~~


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