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Some ideas are inconvenient to share in blogs, and there are too many questions to study. Practice-oriented, and future sharing of hope are their actual project experience. Blogging is a waste of energy, and time is better for reading more information.

Have worked 35 years of designer friends feel the bottleneck, the so-called bottleneck is not know the future direction of development and what to do, to share my attention to the design issues, I hope to be inspired.

1.Metro style. WP7 phone itself does not favor, Metro style some ahead of itself, there are many defects, but Microsoft will this style derivative to other products, especially Win8. Based on the position of Microsoft in the computer operating system, we have to take the design of WIN8 platform seriously, while there are still many design possibilities, it is very good for the taste of the delicacy. Just as the company's WIN8 project can be used to practice some ideas, the new platform means new opportunities, hoping to design on all platforms.

2. Child product interface design. The future of mobile internet will spawn a lot of vertical areas, children are subdivided groups, mobile devices will be hundreds of millions of elderly and children into the Internet. Children's exposure to the virtual world may be earlier than the real world, habits and adults have a great difference between the operation process more exploratory, the product needs to undertake a certain educational function. Products for children interesting, but also to meet the needs of parents, can protect children's eyesight, develop good habits, avoid contact with undesirable content.

The ipad has the potential to replace products such as the early-education machine as a new generation of children's educational and entertainment tools.

3. Health sector. Mobile phones have replaced MP3 and cameras and other traditional digital products, mobile phone mobile characteristics and hardware computing capabilities, the future is bound to play a major role in the health sector. It can monitor the physical condition of the user at any time, automatically call emergency phone call, through the external equipment to provide users with simple and quick heartbeat of the normal standard of blood pressure check, record the physical condition, at any time to provide users with medical advisory services.

The main health sector can play a unique advantage of mobile devices, the development of the exclusive belonging to the mobile Internet medical services.

4. Data analysis. The site's data analysis is relatively mature and will certainly be used to analyze mobile applications on a large scale in the future. Some designers are disgusted with the data analysis, my principle is that the design of the results of a good method can be used. Operational statistical data analysis users download channels, conversion rate, activity and loss rate, and so on, and design needs to analyze the reasons for the data and the law of user behavior, such as the user to watch the entrance ratio of video, how to improve the viewing time, what kind of layout structure is more conducive to users to find the content to see.

The existing data analysis methods are simple, such as the impact of the single function on the data, the need to focus on how to combine the value of products and objectives to analyze, more interesting is the use of data to verify ideas.

5. Multi-screen design. I have been talking about the different tasks of the mobile phone and computer, and the different features of the design architecture, and now the TV will also interact with the mobile phone, pad and computer, or do a public task. TV itself is also in the direction of intelligence, the next 35 years may also appear a large number of applications, the mobile end may play a leading role in the middle or auxiliary. Data or operations will achieve seamless docking synchronization, in a specific scenario to provide users with the ultimate experience. This is the trend of the future, especially in home appliances and vehicles such as intelligent equipment will speed up this trend of development.

6. Brand. Brand building is a very important function of the design team, but also the design of higher-order issues, but it is not easy, first to integrate design knowledge, but also to understand products and marketing issues, it is worth a long time to delve into. I always think that design is only to meet the needs of users, the most important thing is to understand the user's behavior and psychology, and brand positioning from the perspective of user awareness.

Cutting-edge topics, brands and interactive knowledge from the beginning of the study of users, and all aspects of life, such as daily necessities are to meet the user's means, the truth is interlinked, designers should not confine themselves to mobile applications in this field, you can understand the design from a broader level.

7. Design Management. I used to think that I would take a professional route, and I thought that every day, just dig into the problem, it sounds very comfortable. But at a certain stage to find bottlenecks, should not limit their development direction, anything can try to do. The other is a bit rebellious, people think I should do, I may quit.

Although the team is small, has the management function, the vision and can contact the information quantity to be much better than before, the ponder question angle also has the very big change, the responsibility is stronger. When you find a member and some problems in the process of cooperation, recall that you may have the same problem, but did not realize at that time.

Take the management line obstacle one is the opportunity question, the second is many designers mistakenly thought that the management and the profession are conflicting, actually opposite, the management has the promotion function to the profession, has the better vision, needs to study the higher level design question, for example brand. Third, is not willing to drive others to do things, it is not difficult to convince members of you, the design team is very good management. A person's strength is no bigger than the team does more things.

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