Design mode 02_ Simple Factory mode

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This article mainly introduces the simple factory model, mainly through the form of code to show, for programmers I want to watch the code to understand than the document directly and faster.

Simple Factory is the creation mode of a class, also known as the Static Factory method (Factory) mode.

A simple factory model is a factory class that determines which product class to create based on the parameters passed in.

Use the following code to understand the simple factory pattern:

Abstract Product Roles:

Package;//Abstract Product role public interface  Car {public void run ();p ublic void Start ();}

Specific product roles:
Package;public class Benchi implements Car {@Overridepublic void run () {System.err.println ("Benchi Run ");} @Overridepublic void Start () {System.err.println ("Benchi start");}}
Package;public class Biyadi implements Car {@Overridepublic void run () {System.err.println ("Biyadi Run ");} @Overridepublic void Start () {System.err.println ("Biyadi start");}}
Package;public class Dazhong implements Car {@Overridepublic void run () {System.err.println ("Dazhong Run ");} @Overridepublic void Start () {System.err.println ("dazhong start");}}

Factory class Roles:

Package;public class Factory {public static Car getinstance (String clazz) {Car car = null;try {car = (C AR) class.forname ("" + clazz). newinstance (); catch (Exception e) {throw new RuntimeException (e);} return car;}}

Client testing:

Package;public class Test {public static void main (string[] args) {Car Benchi = factory.getinstance (' Be Nchi "); (); Benchi.start (); System.err.println ("------------"); Car Biyadi = factory.getinstance ("Biyadi"); (); Biyadi.start (); System.err.println ("------------"); Car Dazhong = factory.getinstance ("Dazhong");D ();D Azhong.start ();}}

Test results:

Benchi Run
Benchi start
Biyadi Run
Biyadi start
Dazhong Run
Dazhong start

Design mode 02_ Simple Factory mode

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