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This reading note has been written for a long time, and I have been trying to organize it into documents. Because there is no time for it to be delayed, I have been idle recently, so I just sorted it out because I have plenty of time. Two file formats are available for download: chm and pdf.

As follows:

Design model reader specifications:

Design Patterns Reading Notes. chm:

This document is a summary of the LZ learning design model. It mainly refers to the "header first" and the PPT by Mr. Liu Wei. Of course, the LZ understanding and summary must be added, although it is standing on the shoulders of our predecessors, it is still full of LZ's painstaking efforts.

An error may inevitably occur in the beginner's text. If you can correct it, LZ is very grateful !!!

00. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- design mode Summary

01. Design Mode Reading Notes-simple factory Mode

02. Design Mode Reading Notes-factory method mode

03. Design Model Reading Notes ----- Abstract Factory Model

04. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- builder Mode

05. Design Mode Reading Notes-prototype mode

06. Design Mode Reading Notes-singleton Mode

07. Design Mode: Reading Notes ----- adapter Mode

08. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- Bridging Mode

09. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- Combination Mode

10. Design Mode: Reading Notes ----- decorating Mode

11. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- appearance Mode

12. Design Mode Reading Notes-Yuan-Sharing Mode

13. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- proxy Mode

14. Design Mode Reading Notes-responsibility chain mode

15. Design Mode Reading Notes-command mode

16. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- interpreter Mode

17. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- iterator Mode

18. Design Mode Reading Notes-intermediary Mode

19. Design Mode Reading Notes-Memorandum Mode

20. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- observer Mode

21. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- status Mode

22. Design Mode Reading Notes-Strategy Mode

23. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- template Mode

24. Design Mode Reading Notes ----- visitor Mode

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