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Even if your product is running well 90% of the time. But they won't forget it if they don't want help. --"Getting real"

Sometimes we can't afford to face a product when it goes wrong. No matter how carefully designed, no matter how many tests have been done, users will still encounter errors and problems. Since error is unavoidable, how to design fault-tolerant is the key.

Fault-tolerant design is the interface that people see when errors occur.

Just like dealing with mistakes that shouldn't happen, the key to fault-tolerant design lies in "doing defense." Product designers must constantly look for error points that may create confusion and dissatisfaction among users. Good defensive design determines the quality of the user experience.

As an example:

Has anyone noticed how many cards can be used to enter a bank ATM machine? The answer is eight kinds! And there is only one way to get there correctly.

How to avoid user errors from design, restrictions are a very necessary way.

Restrict user certain interaction actions

If the SIM card is made into a chamfer, it avoids the error of inserting the rectangle.

The matching of the three sockets and the corresponding Jacks avoids the possibility of users using two or more socket errors.

Ash is a good way to restrict certain actions on the interface.

Flickr Photos Upload Wizard, prevent users from skipping the first step directly into the back operation, using the way of ash. On the one hand, it tells the user that it can do the current operation, on the other hand.

Secondly, it is also important to reduce cognitive confusion.

Reduce user Cognitive confusion

Subscription button and unsubscribe are visually distinguishable from the wrong action, depending on the subscription and subscription.

Rational use of system feedback

If errors inevitably occur, reasonable and appropriate hints can reduce the frustration of the user.

1. Early warning of certain operations may cause errors.

When you enter a password that needs to be case-sensitive, the CAPS LOCK key opens to make a prompt to avoid error.

2, to prevent user errors, prompt confirmation after operation.

When the user clicks to send the message without the message, prevent the user from sending the email without the topic.

3, not only to feedback errors, but also to the user to answer.

It is best to tell me where the cause of the mistake is, the question of the words and words.

4, to give users appropriate guidelines and suggestions.

When users search for people without results, lead the user to continue to find or invite friends.

When a user searches for no results, intelligently guesses the cause of the user's error or gives other guidance.

Err, you can never have. The user is God of the product, how to reduce the frustration after the user's error by design. Errors are always products, tolerant of user errors, and intolerant of product errors.

Thanks for the seven documentation.

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