"Design pattern Refinement" Learning notes (16)------Summary

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"Design pattern Refinement" Learning notes (16) ------ SummaryHere "the design pattern fine solution" basically is finished, later several chapters the author did not introduce other models, but summarized some uses the mode the method and the attention matter, and has made the summary to the book. Unfortunately, the author did not complete the 23 design patterns summarized by GOF. But the author's contribution in this book is to guide the reader on how to learn design patterns, and in each pattern the author repeatedly emphasizes two points: L prioritize the use of object combinations rather than inheritance; L discover and encapsulate change points. In the book, the author presents his practical experience to the reader by means of a popular analogy.   To give the reader a deeper understanding of OO and to understand OO ideas from a new perspective. The design pattern can be said that the programmer grasps the object-oriented thought. However, rote memorization of each pattern does not make much of a difference, as if the algorithm is the same as the data structure, it makes no sense to write a quick sort or write a lookup algorithm alone. It is important to use it flexibly in practical development. Design patterns, too, learn how to use it in our system, how to use "Prophet" to give us a summary of good methods and experience to enhance our system rationalization and robustness, and flexible scalability (scalability). That is the true mastery of Oo thought. (There needs to be a question mark) "Design pattern Refinement" a book finished, but the design pattern of learning has not finished. As Gof in their book, design mode is by no means a book that is shelved. The same design pattern is not to learn to put down no matter, need to continue to learn, repeated experience. Therefore, the next task is to continue to learn, the road is also a long bumpy. The next study should I think that should be "design mode" primarily, through the previous 10 modes of learning and some other messy knowledge of learning, now I have been able to read the "design mode" this book. In the previous study, I found that my understanding of polymorphism is very shallow. The knowledge of UML is also far from enough.   In the next study, the two knowledge should be further supplemented. Hope that in the later study will be quick and smooth.


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