Design story: The ads in the Favorites folder and the combination purchase

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Share two of my own story, right and wrong, by you.

Story one: The ads in the Favorites folder

This June, I login taobao, open "My favorites", suddenly found more than two entries, one in the collection of a single product, a store in the collection, and are ranked in the first. Label writing is not my habit, I am very sure it is not my own added items, the only explanation is Taobao forcibly/secretly stuffed into the inside. However, in the public place to sell advertising is just, in the "My XX" in the sale of advertising, like the psoriasis affixed to my home on the television, in addition to nausea also makes me feel terrible.

I immediately cleared the two "bugs" out of the way. Soon after, I occasionally opened the "unused label" shop (basically my collection of shops will be written on the corresponding label for the next search), which impressively is a completely unfamiliar shop. I have no words ... The society is progressing, the rascal also becomes clever ... Yes, the number of items not labeled "may" be much more than the items that have been labeled, muddy water to touch the fish, perhaps a silly user is really it as their own collection of shops to accept it? This is a wishful thinking, too creative.

Story two: Combination purchase

Not long ago, with colleagues to discuss product bundling strategy, I said: "Two pieces of product purchase together, means more than the separate purchase to save money." "Colleagues objected, and with excellent examples:" Excellent combination of purchase, is two pieces of goods after the price of the simple addition, and the same purchase. "I said confidently:" No, if there is no price advantage, why do you want to make a ' combination purchase '? At the same time buy two items will have a discount, this is a business is a default public. "Colleagues said:" There is no discount, you may wish to calculate. ”

So go to excellent verification ... After the calculation, I was completely stunned, the original for many years, I have been this "combination of purchase" to deceive. I have never carefully calculated the price differences between the two modes of purchase, based on the trust of the established web site that has been in operation for more than 10 years. Although the site does not specify "portfolio purchase" there will be any discount or concessions, but whether from the interface or from the concept itself, have given users a strong hint ... Maybe that's what excellence wants to achieve? In the user thought to save a little bit of money at the same time, excellence in the side secretly le a sprawling.

What do you think about such an encounter? As a business or product manager, you may not see anything unusual on the data, or even welcome growth; As a product designer, you may not be able to get a story from a user survey because the injured user either chooses to endure or silently leaves. But what you don't see doesn't mean it hasn't happened, and it doesn't mean it won't affect you. Perhaps one day, I have been out of such an angry user, write such an article to condemn the business to the user's IQ contempt, and it has the potential to affect the impact, you can expect it?

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