Design theory: On the problems of program and resources and communication

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This problem does not exist in many small companies. The small company raises, urges the designer, the designer does not have to consider can obtain the result, because you do not do, everybody waits for you, because behind naturally has a group of people to push: The boss, the engineer, the colleague. This result is the result of all the push together.

But in many large companies, there are many many projects, the children are many, parents are ignored. Many projects, the boss also forget. They only look at the final result:

    • Why do some designers do so many projects in a year? So many profitable projects?
    • Why do some designers produce few products a year? Do most of the projects are aborted, or directly stillborn?

If the product manager is the leader, that's fine. The product Manager carries more heavy examination pressure, they will push out the result as the main direction, under their push, the designer compromises compromise, compromise compromise, product manager is responsible for all sorts of resources (engineer, test, etc.), the result also comes out.

The key, however , is that as a user experience designer, you can't always passively respond to the needs of PD--what they do, what they do, and 100% of their energy is on their "business goals" driven projects. As a user experience designer, there should be an independent part of the effort to extract the initiative to initiate projects and improve projects to make the site more user-friendly.

The key is out here . Designers sometimes do not like to always passively respond to the needs of PD, but also want to dominate a number of projects, but often with the designer as the initiator or leading projects, it is difficult to get results, the status quo may be:

    • The duration is long (the priority is very low, almost negligible);
    • No resources to cooperate-after all, the project is the need for the team, the need for engineers, the need for front-end development, need to test, it is impossible to fight alone;
    • Long time not to be confirmed, do not know when to start to do;

Even if the product managers launched the project, said at the product meeting how much revenue, the boss nodded, but need to prioritize, waiting for design resources, engineer resources. Not to mention a designer simply said: "This experience is not good, I want to change to this ..." the demand.

Why can't you get the results?

"I've made a systematic improvement, and I think it's going to be a lot better than the existing ones." Has looked around the colleague to carry on the test, everybody said is good, all looks forward to quickly on-line. However, to find the needs of the analyst evaluation, found that more than 30 people to develop the amount of person. And from the priority line, maybe to the end of the line. There is no resources to do ... "

"I think such a page has a big problem, so I did an analysis and improvement, the results found that the area on the page is divided into different product lines, the different product managers are responsible." In order to promote my design, for God's sake, I need to find several parties to communicate, they give me a lot of advice, even the opposite. I have no way of estimating the consequences of this change, and then nothing happened ...

"You think that thing is hard to use?" That's right. We don't want to change, do we? The scheme has been several editions, there are also problems above, no resources, two, involved in the interests of too many, change the shackled, and then has been maintained the status quo. ”

The excuses and reasons for not getting the result of course there are many many, as designers, these are empathy even have encountered.

Analysis, all the reasons can be summed up as: "Program and resources, communication" problem.

    • The design has its own problems-------------------potential risks, small inputs, unreasonable
    • There is no problem in the design, but the resources are tense, unable to invest, naturally no output;
    • There is no problem with the design, but communication between the parties cannot be smoothly pushed and shelved.

This time, there is a contradiction, since we provide a good design, why do not get the response of resources, logically, if good enough, priority should also be high, the parties should also support AH. If it's a good design, why is it so hard to communicate? At this time we are holding a good design waiting, or is there any other way?

When we think our design is good, it's hard to compromise, but

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