Design Thinking-mail delivery system

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There are several modules in the mail system

1. Subject Registration module:

The subject is actually the message classification system. Themes can be tagged with multiple tags.

2. Mail Subscription module:

A list of recipients to maintain for each topic. can support plug-ins, mail sending module when looking for subscribers, one by one, asked the plug-in, he would like to add more subscribers. Used to dynamically build the recipient list. For example, in many systems, messages for a particular topic are sent to people with specific roles. These people are changing all the time. So it needs to be dynamically acquired via plugins when sending mail.

3. Mail Registration module:

Registration requires sending mail. Messages can be categorized according to different classification methods:

  1. Depending on whether the full content is provided at the time of registration:
    1. Static mail: Static mail at the time of registration, the contents of the entire message have been determined
    2. Dynamic Mail: The content of a dynamic message is generated in real time by asking the sender of the message when it is sent.
  2. Depending on whether multiple sends are required:
    1. One-time mail: send once to end
    2. Timed mail: Messages that are sent multiple times, such as sending statistics at noon every Monday and Wednesday, and so on.
  3. Depending on whether the template file is used, divided into:
    1. Formatted message: The content of the message is generated through template + data
    2. Free Mail: The contents of the message are not formatted.

4. Message generation module: to generate a message before sending it. Depending on the type, there are different ways of generating

5. Mail Template module: Maintain mail template, generate mail based on template and data, provide preview function and so on.

Design Thinking-mail delivery system

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