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Article Description: the design method of the Internet product-constructs the structure.

Organize information architecture according to content

Three content modules, the composition of the information between the modules is changeable.

There will be a lot of customer needs, or only one. When a customer has multiple potential requirements, of which 1 or several requirements to order, customer service personnel according to the relevance of demand, to the customer next orders.

The leveling personnel according to the order, according to the actual leveling work condition, transforms into the production list.

A single order may be converted into several different production orders, each of which corresponds to a different production line.

Multiple orders may be converted to a single production order to complete.

Based on the actual operation, the system at first, according to the characteristics of the content module, the main level of information architecture, the first level branch to three nodes:

The design theory explains: The information tree should be as narrow and shallow as possible, the less the main level branch, the branching tree is shallow, the information structure is clearer, the contextual relevance of the content reading is more closely, and it is more in line with logical thinking.

Three branches or more branches (not narrow enough) to design the system exactly according to the process and mode of work:

Advantages: In line with the current situation, the process is summed up in the electronic platform, sedimentation existing work content, solve problems.

Disadvantages: The correlation between the content is not close enough, reading correlation is poor, need to jump more and more, the likelihood of error rate is high, reading efficiency is low. The optimization of the existing process could not be achieved.

Reduce the branch information to jump back and forth, reduce the node (narrow information tree), need to understand the platform of users, the user group classification:

1. Customer Service staff

2. Leveling Personnel

3. Sales staff (mainly to check the potential needs of customers)

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