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In the Internet products increasingly pay attention to the user experience today, the development team for the needs of excellent designers more and more urgent. In most cases, the leader of the development team is not a designer. How to let a professional employer recognize the work of a designer? This is a problem that many designers need to solve. Without the use of reasonable skill, excellent design works will be slipped through the eyes of the employer. From an employer's point of view, you can improve your work in 10 ways.

1. Select the appropriate host

To showcase your work, you first have to pick the right host and CMS. Of course, you can also choose to carbonmade such online design works display service. Whether you're building your own station or hosting your own, make sure your work is the same in every browser.

2. Concise but professional work introduction

Your work is used to help you find a job. Gorgeous design, while looking good, tends to deviate from the display of your work. Maintaining a clean and concise style of work will be better, because this style can represent the skilful and professional designers.

3. Maintain a good user experience

Food52 's two co-founder Merill Stubbs and Amanda Hesser cautioned designers to "design for the user" rather than "design for the designer". The more places your work is showing a good user experience, the more you understand it. The better your work is in terms of user experience, the more likely you are to have a good user experience with the product you are designing. Enhance the user experience you can start with the following two points: reduce the number of clicks and links to the page, avoid the frequent paging of content.

4. Identifying the needs of employers

Under the premise of being a good designer, you also need to be aware of the employer's requirements for your other skills. For example, some designer positions require candidates to have experience in designing a particular type of Web site or higher requirements-marketing operations and product management experience. You can refer to the graphic designer Jordan Fretz's approach, listing your familiar design tools with a personal background note.

5. Various styles of design works

Stubbs and Hesser said, "The diversity of work style is important so that you can deal with various types of customers." Food52 's designer Camillia BenBassat's works are very distinctive. Drag the mouse over each photo to highlight the information about the work. Whether it is web design, mobile application design, graphic design or packaging design, each piece is categorized and labeled. By browsing through her works, it is easy to tell that she is an experienced designer who is capable of various design tasks.

6. Organize your work

Organize your work according to certain rules to make it easier for employers to quickly understand and judge your design capabilities. There are many examples of this, such as the approach of designer Elliot stocks in the above illustration. He placed some great works at the top of the page, displaying all the artwork by customer and item type on the main page.

7. Stay the easiest way to find your contact

Your contact information should be the easiest to find in the site. If possible, leave as many contact options as you can. We can look at the way designers Jared Christensen. While presenting a brief introduction to the About page, he also attached a PDF resume. Below the personal profile is the contact information of various common network services. Using popular social networks to showcase yourself is also a good choice.

8. Keep the update

Keep your work updated, which can prove that you are a designer who works actively and can maintain high output. It is also not a must to place some unfinished work, but to add a note. That's what designer Matt Bango did.

9. Proof of one's ability

It's important to keep your credibility. Because the employer understands your abilities by reading your work. Some employers will also ask the designer to complete a less-than-work design task to verify that your true level is consistent with the work you are showing. Stubbs and Hesser are very interested in the past experience of the designer, which can reflect the working ability and professional level of the designer. While ensuring that every piece of work you create, every certification or identification you get is true, provide links to help employers see the strong evidence of your professional abilities.

10. Share your work

Once you've released your pride, use a variety of platforms to showcase them. Don't forget to post links to Facebook and LinkedIn or add to the signature of a message, while the three major community forrst, dribble, and Tumblr show their work. When the work gets enough exposure, it's easy to get more job opportunities.

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