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Have heard such a story before, the children of the South have not seen snow, so do not know what snow is. The teacher said the snow is pure white, children think of snow as salt; the teacher said the snow is cold, children think of snow as ice cream; The teacher said that the snow is thin, the children will imagine the snow as sand. Finally, when the children in the exam, this description of snow: Snow is pale yellow, taste cold and salty sand. From this story, can you think of something between a designer and a product manager or a marketing specialist? Here's a little chat about my understanding of the communication problems that exist in design, and some of the communication methods I have summed up, hoping to give you some help in getting started or hurting your brain.

At work, do designers often encounter problems like this:

The demand side points to the design draft and says the button should be bigger. It would be better to change the color to red. Not enough atmospheric!#¥%&*) (..... Or, because the communication is not smooth, not thorough, causes the designer to the product or to the demand understanding wrong, later spent a lot of time to discuss again, to modify or optimize.

Such problems do make designers miserable, and we often complain that product managers have no vision, or problems in expression, and waste their time. As everyone knows, this is the communication between the two sides of the problem.

In my opinion, the design of the beginning of communication is essential, design work is the team common crystallization, pinch the little people. Demand is not described clearly, the son of the product manager does not look like his own, of course, unhappy. When the early days of the talk about this nose mouth ears look like, pinch the process of further discussion and refinement, then the result is naturally happy, the son is also my own ugly, the joint efforts of both sides were born, this also avoids the later unnecessary disputes, reduce the late communication costs. Therefore, timely and effective communication is very important.

What is communication?

Communication is a profound knowledge, in any field, any division of labor, can not avoid communication. Whether it is reporting to superiors, or collaboration between colleagues. Designers are no exception, when receiving demand or intervention requirements, we need to communicate with the demand side, do user research needs to communicate with users. The foreword Snow's story, belongs to its reason, is because the communication is not smooth, or the information transmission asymmetry incomplete causes. The so-called communication, is the exchange of ideas and information between people, is to convey information from one person to another, gradually spread the process of widespread. This is Baidu encyclopedia on the word "communication" to do the explanation. Yes, in short, communication is the message.

The relationship between the demand side and the designer

In a project, the product manager is responsible for the whole product, he decided the whole fate of the product, that is, the whole project demand side, the designer is required to meet the product manager of any product requirements, but it is not what he said everything. Sometimes the product strategy, or marketing solution and the user experience conflict, the designer has the obligation to have the right to demand their own ideas and better design solutions. There are different opinions can be discussed, mutual coordination, rather than have both the He Senliang, learn multi-angle transposition thinking, should not who must be certain wrong verdict, but the final decision, should still belong to the product manager or marketing specialist. Often a good product manager must be half a good designer, a good designer is also half a good product manager. Both of you have me, I have you.

Communication barriers between the two sides

A professional level, the demand side too much intervention (visual, interactive, user experience)

Problems of a professional level such as color, texture, style, etc. Most of these problems exist in the marketing design, the proposal can be at the beginning of the design, with the demand side communication, clear the following issues, can significantly reduce the chance of late rework.

What is the design theme?

What's the purpose?

According to the information gathered, with the demand side clear approximate style (preferably can be clear to color, texture, the main design elements, layout, etc., before reaching consensus, you can avoid late rework)

B message inconsistent, inconsistent with product understanding

Such problems, the basic existence in product design, product design, the general direction by the Product manager to control, including product decision-making, product development and future, in this context, the designer to control the user experience. It is suggested that the designers get involved in the project early, the earlier the better, understand the background of the project, and the reasons for initiating the project, the existing problems and the points to be optimized, and the cancellation of the wrong information. To avoid the product manager to say a little, to the end of the project background, the overall planning of the situation, following the whole project, this is bound to appear in the preface, the students describe the same problem of snow.

Psychological expectations

The so-called surgery industry has specialized, the designer must understand, the product manager, or the marketing specialized degree, like to the product understanding, the Copywriting control, the marketing method and so on specialized skill. Product managers or marketing specialists must also be aware of their own product or marketing goals, and they need to improve their own solutions before communicating with the designer. And designers must believe in their professional ability, have a unique understanding of user experience and judgment.

The ultimate goal of communication is to reach a consensus with a consistent goal. But we must be clear, that is not every online product or topic page is the best solution, all products, design, are constantly iterative update in the continuous improvement of optimization. Therefore, the designer should learn the appropriate compromise and appreciation of the imperfect beauty, a step back to the sea and sky.

How do we communicate effectively?

When we have to ask each other for approval, or to avoid late disagreements, the first to understand each other's needs and perhaps the real purpose of hiding, grasp the nature of the problem of communication, know its reasons, is to win the magic weapon, whether it is the beginning of the discussion stage of design, the medium-term for the design of the product optimization, or later on the demand and product design proposals on the dispute; Secondly, through effective dialogue mechanism, the transfer of professional spirit and opinion, to the designer's identity to convey professionalism and perspective, in order to achieve the designer and the needs of both sides of the consensus for the goal of mutual win. Finally, effective communication should pay attention to strategies and methods.

A few years ago, read a "Soto of the Super finishing", his views and my views, coincide, combined with his views and my point of view, may be the designer and demand side of the communication can help.

1. Listening--Understanding the status quo

Listening is to collect information, grasp the existing situation, and collect the ideas of the demand side. Some of the demand side's personal thoughts, for example, the understanding of the product planning and product expectations, background, opinions on existing programs, etc., these are in the minds of the demand side, designers should strive to visualize this information, these factors for your design will have great inspiration and inspiration. In addition, listening is a kind of virtue.

2. Interrogation-grasping the nature of the problem

Interrogation, this is Soto and put forward the argument. designer = The essence of the doctor's question is to help each other organize their thoughts through interrogation, finding the key factors of the problem. Through many discussions, the collision of thought, discard the remaining vague superfluous information, clarify the nature of the problem, this is the most critical step.

3. Analysis--Import ideas

The analysis and interpretation of the nature of the problem, view the information from various angles, according to the key factors, give the designer professional views and insights.

4. Solve--Give the plan

Through the discussion with the demand side, give the final solution.

"button" Case analysis:

Listen to the demand side said: I hope the button is bigger!

The inquiry designer said: "Why to enlarge?" button amplification really is very beautiful!

Demand side said: "I want users to click, so that users feel that this button can make users more desire to click, a little more obvious." (This is the case, the key factor is: hope that through the optimization of the button to increase the user's ability to act)

Analytical designers give professional advice. The button is a little bit bigger, is the only way to do it? The answer is no, stand in the user's point of view, the button is too general to make people uncomfortable and uncoordinated feeling, affect the visual performance effect. Perhaps the button can become a more click-Impulse color, may add some texture, or the button to change a shape, these programs can reach the button more eye-catching, more click Desire, rather than just make it bigger.

Solve and demand side communication, come to the conclusion, as long as the button change color, add some texture can achieve the desired effect. So given the solution, the original blue monochrome button turned orange with a gradient of the micro-texture button. Happy.

In a word, communication is one of the required courses for a good designer. Clear the integration between the designer and the demand side, and can understand the reasons for communication barriers between the two, the premise of the right mentality, to find the essence of the solution, grasp the key factors of the problem, give the right point of view, give a perfect solution, you can communicate smoothly. This blog post, not for a specific problem to start to explain, but for the design process of communication itself, some shallow ideas, I hope you enjoy.

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