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In our daily work, you and your partner will be in a different project team, it may be a virtual team, perhaps a true reality of the team. So how do we (designers) deal with our projects and how do we push our projects forward?

We think it's enough to just do our own project and do our part, what should we do, how do we do it, not with leader or APM (art project manager) or (PM) project team manager? What role should designers play in project roles, Just rely on the belt pulley pull cycle or we should effectively become a powerful driver for the project to operate a building block?

How to start projects and drive projects to ensure that projects are carried out as planned, to ensure accurate and efficient execution, and to produce the most profitable results with the least amount of resources, is another important criterion for measuring a good designer and design team today.

At this point, Riix will share with you the project Plan B in late 09 (due to the project confidentiality phase, temporarily undisclosed project name), from the start to the status quo, the plan of some key implementation outline, hope can give us some more inspiration and thinking.

Here is a rough outline of the PPT, with several publicly available PPT pictures:

(i) Premises

· Depth and understanding of project background

· Understand the meaning of product iterations

(ii) Status quo

· Understand the status of the product and user needs

· Collecting and settling, accumulating and thinking

· Kinds of inductive problems

(iii) deployment

· Develop a draft project plan

· Carding project process and definite point of time

· Define project objectives, results, and values

· Project cost and Manpower accounting

· Release plan

(iv) Implementation

· throwing problems and solutions [revised drive]

· Arrangements and informed meeting of the project plan

· Confirm the support of the executor and plan members and surrounding resources.

· Confirm Product Structure Model

· Interactive design diagram

· visual style design Prophecy

· Visual Design Analysis Summary Report

(v) Acceptance

· Plan goal, value realization and match

· Whether to meet the current situation of product continuous iteration

· Version handover cost measurement

(vi) Verification

· Small range of Internal CE

· User CE

· On-line version trial CE

Thank you for your reading, before the project is completely open, this ppt full content and documents only as a project internal communication use. So do not provide download, thank you.

Article Source: QQ Game Design Center

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