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Article Description: teach you to draw high-end circles! An introduction to the secondary guides in the logo design.

Many small partners in order to enhance the design of the work of the Force, in the design of the display map to play a variety of circles, so that simple graphics, looks high-end grade. Sometimes, cock silk and Gaofu, only a "circle" away.

There is also a common phenomenon, a standard concise logo at the beginning of the birth, will always be laymen despise ridicule spit, when the designer released the Wireframe (manuscript), but also be one-sided evaluation of serious, professional. The same was true at the beginning of the hammer logo.

Why can the auxiliary line improve the grade of the work?

In fact, these line loops are the design of the hand-work time to play the rest of the time, the computer design era, no need to use pens, compasses, ruler, industrial and plane design with CAD easy to solve. Most of the Internet designers are not industrial graphic design trained, in peacetime business, there is little access to. But there are still people obsessed with him, for a few reasons:

1. So that the design of the finished product has a mathematical basis, the design elements are not independent of their existence, there must be some kind of visual relevance, perspective, alignment, even if the end result is disordered disorder.

2. Normative data facilitates expansion, compatibility with the application of various scenarios, or the development of rules and guidelines for other ancillary products and applications.

3. Look professional, cool.

In fact, the 3rd is the original intention of most people, including small series. We often encounter demand side or layman in our work to sneer at some simple design, do not respect your labor. A sketch of a line with a precise numerical calculation becomes a (B) weapon. The previous mention of the Hammer logo is a good example.

Identification Mapping method

or icon mapping, a principle. A very basic thing in the field of graphic and industrial design. There are two common types:
1. Coordinate mapping method

Draw a lot of squares, define the shape of the logo in each lattice, according to this as a standard sample. Most of the applications in VI design, industry, folk cross-stitch, as well as the Tang card painting.

2. Geometrical mapping method

Through the different circles tangent, obtains the mark the everywhere curve, the radian and the transition data, and proves these data the necessity and the rationality. For example, Apple logo, notch, leaf, upper convex and lower end concave, the corresponding circular diameter is the same.

Gold Division

The point is that the purpose of drawing on the reference line is to make an icon that is very aesthetically pleasing to apply. The Golden section ratio is one of the bases for making a reference line. But it must be remembered that the reference line is only a reference, the deified "Golden section" is the same, it is convenient for designers to find a more easily mature suitable proportions, although not necessarily suitable for all logo design, but it is very common. There is no absolute beauty in anything, so don't be superstitious about it.

Why the Golden Division beauty:

In the visual sense, the golden divide essentially brings harmony--similarity, repetition, connection, and change--movement and vigor.
When we look at images, the eye and the mind organize visual differences by integrating the visual units into a single fused whole. The mind instinctively tries to create order to get rid of chaos to store information. Art Organization has seven principles-harmony, change, balance, proportion, dominant tendency, movement and simplicity. The organizational process of art is to connect opposites by similarity, and finally to be a unity. Take lines, for example, when an artist uses lines to make a work whole, the artist creates the final harmony through one or all of the correlations of length, width, and character. Although the scale is a separate principle, we can see that the Golden Section has two characteristics: harmony, change.

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"Golden section: Designer's design Tool"

In photographic composition, often used in the composition of the principle of "three-way". That is to use the Golden Section, the following figure of the four lines is called the Golden Line, four lines of the four intersection is called the golden point of division. In shooting, the subject of the screen in the golden point or the golden line, so more in line with people's aesthetic habits, in order to highlight the subject and let the picture more coordinated purposes.

In the AV cover, the three-point method is also used in particular. For example, the main figure is on the right three-point line, while the chest and knees are roughly at three points. This will be able to show the good body proportions of actress, and highlight its "important part."

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The following figure, the styling of the Chrysanthemum is so perfect fit the Fibonacci Golden spiral of this mysterious beauty of the law, professional, close, natural.

Although seemingly ridicule, but professional photographers have a wealth of experience, but also know how to grasp the composition ratio, even if it is a few seconds of capture.

About the principle of gold segmentation and calculation methods, in this small series is not too elaborate, online about the Golden section of the article overwhelming, you can so, is 360 Oh! (as if to see a small weave flattery flattering face)

Practice for the king, the Apple logo is how to circle out

Small series in accordance with the online CAD drawing method, re-use PS drawing, because the official logo of Apple is not the radian of the total according to the proportion of gold to do (according to the author said it is intentional, details:


The first step is to do the gold proportion of the circle, if you are a perfectionist paranoid, want to get a more accurate than 0.618 of the number, then you can follow the following method to find the golden point of division.

Of course, the deviation of this precision in pixel PS, completely negligible. Therefore, it is recommended to use tools to calculate.
This site has a detailed description of the gold ratio and calculation tools:


From the above data, draw a rectangle with a side length of 500px *309px (as far as possible with the path to draw, PS cc to draw a random shape, in the property panel input values in the rectangle to draw a incircle 1, select the Guide line, and then draw with the circle 1 and rectangular tangent circle 2, and so on. About the reference line recommended in the following diagram of the plugin: guideguide do the page, the small part of the time without using it, simply stop. PS reference line plug-in guideguide download and use of the instructions

The second step is to Circle 6 as the center, select and use Guide to set the guide. The Circle 1 is dragged in, and the Circle 6 is a concentric circle (you can ctrl+t the center point at the junction of the reference line)
Note: Because we want to draw a diagram with a guide, we place each circle on a separate layer so that the shape layer and the reference line layer are distinguished.

Step three.

Fourth step.

Fifth Step

In a hurry, we can draw the Apple shape layer after this step. Since I'm going to draw a brilliant guide, I'm not anxious to draw the guide line out of my breath.

Sixth step

All right, here's the little weave. Because we want to keep the wireframe, however, the actual rendering is not required to divide so many layers, completely in a layer through the combination of path shapes, that is, the following operations:

The following actions are only given to the diagram, no text description

The following leaves are painted with the same method and no description.

This logo is different from Apple's official logo, please see the fourth picture of this article, but the method is the same. Interested students can try the official painting.
Here to share the source documents of this accompanying line to everyone.

→→ jab Download ←←

This article is a beginner's course designed to help small designers understand how to draw and improve the force of their work. But as a designer, be sure to do, must not take this trick. If there are flaws, I hope the Masters will be lenient, as a programmer to turn to sell the rotation of the painting finally turned to do the design, people difficult not to dismantle, do not care about these details!

Collected some of the db wet "manuscript" for everyone to enjoy the original download also in the top of the cloud disk link.

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