Desire HD flash brush guide from scratch-Chapter 10: three methods for flushing to third-party recovery

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We need to use third-party refresh tools. Obviously, we do not have support for official programs. What should we do? We can use recovery covery
Partition, click a special program, and click it to complete the installation. This program was mentioned earlier: clockworkmod recovery


How can I recover clockworkmod
Why do we need to click it in our cell phone?


First introduce the first method (the premise is that the mobile phone has obtained permanent root
Permission, S-OFF
Not mandatory ):



Your mobile phone has obtained the root

Download the related files from the author's online storage and upload them to the root directory of the mobile phone SD card. Do not have two DHDs.
Directory. It should be DHD.
Directory. Link address:

Http:// #

(If you follow the tutorial sequence, you should have downloaded the folder in the previous chapter and do not need to download it again .)


Prepare ADB
Tool, and meet ADB
The conditions required by the work (see Chapter 6 of relevant tutorials ).



Follow me to perform the following operations:

, Open a command prompt on the computer, go to ADB
In the working directory, run: "ADB Shell
", Press enter.


Input: "Su
", Press enter. :


If superuser
Pop-up, please allow. At this time, you should see #
Otherwise, check whether you have the root account.



Input: "sh/sdcard/DHD/check
", Press enter. Note sh
There is a space at the end, the same below.




Enter "sh/sdcard/DHD/backup" as prompted on the screen.
", Press enter.


Note: 3
, 4
The principles of the two steps are described in Chapter 9.




If you have already done this in chapter 9, you don't have to repeat it and skip the step 5th.
Step. Otherwise, the original backup will be overwritten (You are now Eng
Now, you need to back up again. What did you say you backed up ?)!! Remember !!!



", Press enter.

Note: This step is to set DHD
Rediscovery. IMG in the directory
The image file is written to the mobile phone and replaced with the recovery


Input: "reboot
", Restart the phone.


How to make recovery
Is the original program restored?

Do 1-3
Step 4
, 5th
Step to input:





How to know clockworkmod
What if we successfully flushed it into our cell phone?

Completely shut down, press volume-
Press the enable key at the same time to enter hboot
, By volume-
Key, select recovery
And then press the power key to confirm and enter recovery
Operation mode, you should see the following interface:


Indicates that you have set clockworkmod
The phone is successfully refreshed.

The volume can be used to increase or decrease
Move the cursor, select the command to be executed, and then
Power Supply
Just renew
This option is executed.

(Although we can in the S-ON)
The above method is used to fl a third-party recovery
Program, but because the security lock is still open, even if there is a root
You still cannot delete system programs.

Next, use the firmware manager to refresh the firmware.


(This method requires the mobile phone to obtain permanent root
Permission, and the phone has S-OFF
, Two kinds of S-OFF
Yes .) :

Go to the e-market or download the latest firmware manager from my online storage:

Http:// #

Firmware manager advanced Edition _ rom_manager_premium _ _
Chinese version .rar

Upload it to your mobile phone and install lucky luck (preferably on WiFi ).
And then click the first line of Flash clockworkmod.
Select your mobile phone model as prompted. The software will download the latest clockworkmod version.
And install it on your mobile phone. It is fully automated and requires no manual intervention. Firmware manager has many other functions, so I will not introduce them more here. If you are interested, you can study them.


The method described below is only applicable to Eng
. Use fastboot



Download the required software from the author's online storage: link address:

Http:// #

One-click write to recovery.rar

Decompress the package to any location on the hard disk of your computer;

Completely shut down,
Press volume-
Press the enable key at the same time to enter hboot

Connect your mobile phone to your computer using a data cable;


If fastboot USB appears
Indicates that the connection between the mobile phone and the computer is successful;

, Double-click on the computer to run
"One-click write recovery. Bat" in the folder

The phone will be automatically restarted after the refresh is complete!


The method for Verifying Successful flushing is the same as above!


In fact, there is also a recovery ing method

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