Desktop computer prompts insufficient memory what's going on?

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desktop computer prompts insufficient memory what's going on?

Desktop computer tips to solve the problem of low memory

One, open the program too many

If there are too many documents open at the same time or too many programs are running, there is not enough memory to run other programs. At this point, for multiple-document interface (MDL) programs, such as Word, Excel, and so on, close all documents outside the current document and exit the currently unused programs, and then perhaps you will be able to continue to perform tasks that have been interrupted due to "out-of-memory".

Second, the Clipboard takes up too much memory

In fact, the Clipboard is a temporary area in memory, and when you use the copy or Cut command in your program, Windows temporarily stores the copied or cut content and its formatting in the Clipboard for "paste" use. If the current clipboard holds a picture, the Clipboard takes up a lot of memory. At this point, use the following procedure to clear the contents of the Clipboard and free up the memory resources it occupies:

1. Click Start, point to Programs or all programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Clipboard Viewer to open the Clipboard Viewer window.

2. On the Edit menu, click Delete.

3. Close the Clipboard Viewer window.

To differentiate the multiple clipboard provided by Microsoft Office programs, the aforementioned clipboard is often referred to as the system Clipboard. If you are using the Micros Oftoffice program and use its multiple clipboard features, you should empty the items on the Office Clipboard by: On the Office Clipboard task pane (OFFICEXP) or toolbars (Office2000), Click Empty all or empty the Clipboard. The system Clipboard will also be emptied when the Office Clipboard is emptied

Third, restart the computer

If you exit only the program and do not restart the computer, the program may not be able to return the memory resources to the system. Restart the computer to free system resources, and then run the program again or perform the interrupted task.

Desktop computer tips to solve the problem of insufficient memory two

First, open the 360 security Guardian home, in the lower right to find the "human Service" icon, the left mouse button click to open the human service.

Then, in the search box above the Find scenario, enter "Insufficient memory hints" to search for solutions to the problem.

Open the first tool in your search results, where you can see symptoms and possible causes of the problem, read carefully to see if it matches your problem, and if so, click Fix immediately.

You can see that you are repairing the problem you are experiencing, wait a moment, wait for the progress bar to finish, wait for the repair to complete.

The time has come to witness the miracle, the repair has been completed, the computer can be restarted.

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