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The shutdown of Windows XP (7) is controlled by the Shutdown.exe program and is located in the WindowsSystem32 folder. If you want Windows 2000 to have the same effect, you can copy the Shutdown.exe to the system directory.

For example, your computer to shut down at 22:00, you can choose "Start → run", enter "at 22:00 shutdown-s", so that at 22 o ' clock computer will appear "System Shutdown" dialog box, the default has 30 seconds countdown and prompts you to save the job. If you want to shut down the machine by the countdown, you can enter "shutdown.exe-s-T 3600", which means that 60 minutes after the automatic shutdown, "3600" represents 60 minutes.

Set the automatic shutdown, if you want to cancel, you can enter "Shutdown-a" in the run. Also enter "Shutdown-i", you can open the set up automatic Shutdown dialog box, to set up the automatic shutdown. Shutdown.exe parameters, each has a specific purpose, the execution of each will have a different effect, such as "-S" means to shut down the local computer, "-a" to cancel the shutdown operation, the following list of more parameters, you can use in the Shutdown.exe.

-F: Forcibly shutting down the application

-M computer name: Controlling remote computer

-I: Displays the graphical user interface, but must be the first option for shutdown

-L: Log off Current user

-r: Shutdown and reboot

-T time: set down shutdown countdown

-C "Message content": Enter the message contents in the Shutdown dialog box (not exceeding 127 characters)

Sometimes we need to shut down the computer regularly, and here's a simple way to implement a timed shutdown under Windows XP.

Specifies that the system automatically shuts down after 22 minutes: Click "Start → run" and enter the command "shutdown-s-T 1320" in "open" (note: quotation marks are not entered, there are spaces between the parameters, 1320 is seconds), click "OK" button.

Specifies that the system automatically shuts down at a certain time, such as 12:00: Enter the command "at 12:00 shutdown-s" in "open".

Cancel timed shutdown: Enter the command "Shutdown-a" in "open".

Implementations are implemented using the "Shutdown" command, and the Shutdown parameter is to enter "Shutdown" in the Command line window. The author thinks the most useful is "I" parameter, can bring up "Remote shutdown dialog box", can conveniently realize the remote computer in the LAN shutdown, interested friends can try.

Start-Programs-attachments-System Tools-Scheduled Tasks-Add task schedules-next-Browse-*** windowssystem32shadow.exe-Next-Choose the time to shut down, next-enter the username and password, as long as there are users on the system, but must have a password, there is no need to set a, next, select "Open this task on completion of the advanced properties", Add "-S" quotes behind the Run bar Oh, no.

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