Desktop Snow Effect

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A simple snow effect


1. The main interface generates snowflakes for the grid via DispatcherTimer

2. Snowflakes fall behind and say snowflakes removed from the grid container

  Public Partial classMainWindow { PublicMainWindow () {InitializeComponent (); Closing+ = (s, e) = =Viewmodellocator.cleanup (); Loaded+=mainwindow_loaded; }        Private voidMainwindow_loaded (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e) {            varTimer =NewDispatcherTimer {Interval= Timespan.frommilliseconds ( -)            }; Timer. Tick+=Timer_tick; Timer.        Start (); }        //Add Snowflakes        Private voidTimer_tick (Objectsender, EventArgs e)        {LayoutRoot.Children.Add (Createsnowflower ()); }        //Generate Snowflakes        Private Staticsnowflower Createsnowflower () {varSnowflower =NewSnowflower (); Snowflower.complete+ = args =            {                //Remove snowflakes from the parent container                varFlower = args asSnowflower; if(Flower = =NULL)return; varParent =visualtreehelper.getparent (flower); varPanel = Parent asPanel; if(Panel! =NULL&&panel. Children.contains (flower)) {panel.                Children.remove (flower);            }            }; returnSnowflower; }    }


1. Falling animation of snowflakes and rotating animation

2. Increase the animation completion event

3. Random starting point

4. Random rotation speed and drop speed

  /// <summary>    ///Snowflakes/// </summary>     Public classSnowflower:image {#regionField//full random number generator        Private ReadOnlyRandom _random =Randomhelper.getrandom (); #endregion        #regionProperty/// <summary>        ///Drop Speed/// </summary>         Public intGravityspeed {Get{return_random. Next (5,Ten); }        }        /// <summary>        ///rotational speed/// </summary>         Public intAnglespeed {Get{return_random. Next (1,5); }        }        /// <summary>        ///The x-coordinate of the start/// </summary>         Public intStartX {Get            {                return_random. Next (0, (int) systemparameters.primaryscreenwidth); }        }        #endregion         PublicSnowflower () {Opacity=getopacity (); Source=GetSource (); Height=GetSize (); Width=Height; Rendertransformorigin=NewPoint (0.5,0.5); Margin=NewThickness (StartX,0,0,0); HorizontalAlignment=HorizontalAlignment.Left;; RenderTransform=Getrendertransform (); Loaded+=snowflower_loaded; }        #regionAnimationPrivate voidSnowflower_loaded (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e) {Getfallingstoryborad ().        Begin (); }        //get information about a transformation        Private StaticTransformGroup getrendertransform () {varresult =NewTransformGroup (); Result. Children.add (NewRotateTransform ()); Result. Children.add (NewTranslateTransform ()); returnresult; }        //get the Falling animated story version        PrivateStoryboard Getfallingstoryborad () {varresult =NewStoryboard (); //Add rotate Animationresult.            Children.add (Getangleanimation ()); //Add drop Animation            varFallinganimation =getfallinganimation (); Result. Duration=fallinganimation.duration; //triggers the completion event when the drop is completeresult.completed + = (sender, args) =Raisecomplete (); Result.            Children.add (fallinganimation); returnresult; }        //attribute Chain        Private ReadOnly Object[] _propertychain ={rendertransformproperty, Transformgroup.childrenproperty, ROTATETRANSF Orm.        Angleproperty, Translatetransform.yproperty}; //Get rotation animation        PrivateDoubleAnimation getangleanimation () {varDa =NewDoubleAnimation { from=0, to= the, Duration=timespan.fromseconds (anglespeed), RepeatBehavior=Repeatbehavior.forever}; //Storyboard.settargetproperty (DA, New PropertyPath ("(Uielement.rendertransform)." ( TransformGroup.Children) [0]. (Rotatetransform.angle) "));Storyboard.settargetproperty (DA,NewPropertyPath ("(0). (1) [0]. (2)", _propertychain)); Storyboard.settarget (DA, This); returnda; }        //get the Falling animation        PrivateDoubleAnimation getfallinganimation () {varDa =NewDoubleAnimation { from=0, to=Systemparameters.primaryscreenheight, Duration=timespan.fromseconds (Gravityspeed)}; Storyboard.settargetproperty (DA,NewPropertyPath ("(Uielement.rendertransform). (TransformGroup.Children) [1]. (TRANSLATETRANSFORM.Y)")); Storyboard.settarget (DA, This); returnda; }        #endregion        //get the initial transparency        Private Static Doublegetopacity () {varresult = (Double)NewRandom (). Next (1,5); Result= result/Ten; returnresult; }        //Get Image source        Private StaticBitmapImage GetSource () {varresult =NewBitmapImage (); Result.            BeginInit (); Result. UriSource=NewUri ("/snoweffect;component/resource/snowflower.png", Urikind.relativeorabsolute); Result.            EndInit (); returnresult; }        //Get Dimensions        Private Static DoubleGetSize () {varresult = (Double)NewRandom (). Next ( -, -); returnresult; }        #regionCompletion events/// <summary>        ///Finish Processing Delegate/// </summary>        /// <param name= "Sender" ></param>         Public Delegate voidCompletehandler (Objectsender); /// <summary>        ///Completion Events/// </summary>         Public EventCompletehandler complete; /// <summary>        ///actions when event triggering is complete/// </summary>        protected Virtual voidOnComplete () {if(Complete! =NULL) {Complete ( This); }        }        /// <summary>        ///Raise Completion Event/// </summary>         Public voidRaisecomplete () {oncomplete (); }        #endregion    }


Desktop Snow Effect

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