Desktop Virtualization: Resource allocation

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Desktop virtualization planning is like building a house, and resources are like the material of a house, how

Distribution is also a problem, a little careless, the house will collapse. How can I hold this House? Please see

This paper.

The goal of resource allocation is to have access to adequate resources at peak times.

This experience is critical for users moving from a traditional desktop to a virtual desktop.

This article mainly discusses the CPU and memory allocation.

1. CPU Allocation

In fact, for most desktops, 1 vcpu is enough.

In fact, now the CPU is very powerful, CPU share is not too high

2. Memory allocation

Memory should give the desktop the maximum value it needs.

Dynamic memory should be disabled

In the memory allocation process, should fully consider the needs of users, different users have different needs. Specifically, you can divide the applications used by users into the following four groups:

See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cn

As you see above, the distinction between user classes is related to the application that the user itself encounters.

CPU and memory and IOPS resource allocation please refer to:

Note: Depending on the needs of users, it is not necessarily according to the figures in the above table.

IOPS is only a stable value, depending on the actual situation.

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