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Usually use Ucenter to do mediation, add multiple applications and then have multiple sites have the ability to log out synchronously.

Ucenter Add application is not difficult, Destoon official online also has related tutorials.

But many friends in several applications after the completion of the registration of an account test, the problem arises, after registration, the registration page did not jump, there is no hint, but this member is registered successfully. Why not jump?

The breakpoint test found this because the 83rd line in the Destoon api/ucenter/control/user.php file has a function that writes the DSCUZ system database, which is performed by default: function Onregbbs (). This function is to add a registration information to the DZ Forum. There is a code in the registration submission page found in Destoon's registration information Processing file module/member/ (about 125 lines)

if ($MOD [' passport '] = = ' UC ') {$uid = Uc_user_register ($passport, $post [' Password '], $post [' email ']); if ($uid > 0 & & $MOD [' Uc_bbs ']) Uc_user_regbbs ($uid, $passport, $post [' Password '], $post [' email ']);}

Block the second statement directly:

if ($uid > 0 && $MOD [' Uc_bbs ']) Uc_user_regbbs ($uid, $passport, $post [' Password '], $post [' email ']);

The problem is solved.

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