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Download sites have become a popular form of websites on the Internet, which spring up like mushrooms. However, observing these many download sites gives people the feeling that they are visiting the same website. So how can we stand out from so many download sites? Let me talk about my views:

1. Unique survival
If your download site is different from other download sites, it will certainly be remembered by others. You can start from these aspects:
1. Introduction to software (source code): You can download the software (Source Code) in two ways: (1) You know the name of the software (Source Code). Generally, you will first choose Baidu and other search engines. However, the first few pages of the search results are usually occupied by large websites. (2) If you do not know the software (source code) name, you will download the software (source code) from the download site. You may carefully read the software (source code) Introduction, therefore, we should pay attention to the writing of the software (source code) Introduction. do not share the same with others. It can be more objective, specific, and practical. You can listen to the opinions of some netizens.
2. Pay attention to Forum Construction: it is impossible for any download site to achieve everything, regardless of software, source code, especially source code, which requires fast updates, at the same time, netizens also need to publish their own developed and favorite resources. Therefore, we should pay attention to the construction of the forum, such as the Chinese webmaster station. You can check their Alexa statistics and the Forum traffic is about half, therefore, a good forum can also bring you a lot of traffic and retain visitors.
3. Pay attention to the software (source code) rating: Many download sites now give the software (source code), but do not know whether it is unwilling to offend developers, many software (source code) there is basically no difference in the level, either 5 or 4, so it cannot be used as an objective reference for the downloader. Therefore, we should pay attention to the objective reality of the software (source code, you can also set a more specific level, such as software, which can be divided into several specific aspects, such as operability, ease of use, and functionality, to meet different needs.
4. Simplified download steps: Now, in order to achieve profit urgently, various obstacles are set for downloading steps through advertisements. Generally, many visitors choose to leave when they see such complicated steps, as you know, you can also download it from other websites. Therefore, I think the website profit is based on its own strength, rather than using various techniques. You have access traffic.
5. Ensure the download success rate: Many download sites may be leeching or having no leeching because they are just getting started, affected by funding and other factors. This is just an empty shelf. If you do not have enough space or bandwidth in a short period of time, I suggest you do not want to be so full, just do one thing. For example, to download software, you can only download the latest version of the same software, or provide the software of the same type that you think is the best, as can the source code. In this way, not only will visitors not be disappointed, but you have also helped visitors create resources for screening, which may be characteristic of attracting visitors.
6. More visitors: today, many websites are built for their own purposes, for example, making it easy to advertise, allowing search engines to include a lot of webpages, and making some false keywords, for example, what is the registration version or cracked version, and these are not true. You may cheat some visitors, but no one will visit your website any more, without considering the visitor's needs, in my opinion, who can consider the interests of visitors is the site that visitors welcome and the final success of the website.

II. Issues to be considered
1. Copyright: you may say, "You haven't done anything since you 've been watching the Huawei army and the sky for so long ", in fact, it's not okay. It's time to come. We know that software is generally divided into commercial software, shared software, and free software. Our download site provides more commercial software. We do not know that the commercial software we are currently using is mainly from foreign companies and Kingsoft companies in China, don't these companies know what download sites mean to them? I think the main reason is: Kingsoft Company in China already knows that there will be no income for software production? Now I have switched to online games, so I have no energy or need to be entangled with these websites. The foreign software, represented by Microsoft, is pirated and cannot be downloaded in China. Meanwhile, foreign merchants quickly occupy our software market through piracy and other methods. This is why download sites are basically unavailable in foreign countries, and we are so popular in China. However, since China's Accession to the WTO, our commitment to intellectual property protection and other such protection will continue to be fulfilled, and our laws will be constantly improved, so the protection of intellectual property rights will inevitably become increasingly strict, even if others do not investigate, our own laws will also be held accountable. Therefore, copyright issues will be the bottleneck of the Development of download sites, especially software download sites.
because the source code copyright belongs to the developer and is not explicitly stated, it means that you can use the source code for free. Therefore, this type of copyright is not very prominent.
2. Profitability: this is also an issue that requires urgent consideration for website development. Without profit, it will not develop. Source station can advertise, because their target access group is the website webmaster, there will be some domain names or space service providers to advertise. Target access groups for software and other types of download sites are not concentrated, which will be the main difficulty of their development. On the one hand, the more access groups, the more traffic, and on the other hand, the more target access groups, it will inevitably affect advertising and other profitability. Currently, some websites are trying to download resources for free, but I think that as long as there is a website that provides free services, these charged websites will not have room for development, because you will definitely find resources that do not need any money. Even if the resources you provide are not free of charge, there are good tips to provide them. This is why the Shared Software always has a registration code or a registration machine.
my thoughts on the download site are as follows: download sites that are different from others, have relatively fixed target access groups, and have no copyright issues as much as possible (or can be resolved in some way, such as obtaining authorization) will be successful.

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