Detailed code for sending messages using Phpmailer

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I. Reasons for sending mail using Phpmailer

PHP has a built-in mail () method, but because some host space does not support this method, you often encounter situations where mail cannot be sent.

Therefore, you can download the Phpmailer class for mail delivery.

Second, the specific steps to send the message

1, first ensure that the sender's mailbox opened the SMTP service.

Set here, as follows:

Set it up and then look down,

2. Download the Phpmailer, copy the class.phpmailer.php and class.smtp.php to the project directory


<?PHP/** * 2014-08-25 * Description: PHP mail Send * use Phpmailer class * Send attachments, multi-person send * Send attachments * When sending attachments, due to the speed of local network and server, if not properly uploaded, modify PHP with Memory_limit restrictions in the file * * Other possible restrictions post_max_size upload_max_filesize * may also be max_execution_time modified * Please use the email account to confirm the email opened s MTP*/      Set_time_limit(0);//if uploading an attachment card, modify the script execution limit time to 0     require'./class.phpmailer.php '; require'./class.smtp.php '; Date_default_timezone_set ("Asia/shanghai");//Set time zone East zone eight     $mail=NewPhpmailer ();//set up a mail sending class     $mail-&GT;ISSMTP ();//send using SMTP form     $mail->charset= ' Utf-8 ';//Coding     $mail->smtpdebug = 1;//Enable SMTP debugging features//1 = errors and messages 2 = Messages only          $mail->smtpauth =true;//enable the SMTP authentication feature     $mail->host= ' ';//QQ SMTP server, send mailbox account company's SMTP server     $mail->port=25;   Port number of the//SMTP server                                      $mail->username= ' [email protected] '; Fill out your email account here$mail->password= ' ******** '; Fill in the password of the sending mailbox here$mail->addaddress (' [email protected] ', ' Bo Wright 2 '); //$mail->addaddress (' [email protected] ', ' Aeolian Crossing '); #多人发送     $mail-ishtml (); //$a = $mail->addattachment (' D:\wamp\www\user.sql ', ' ');//absolute position of the attachment, name of the attachment after uploading     $mail->subject= ' sent from Phpmailer's mailbox '; $mail->from= ' [email protected] ';//sender's name and address     $mail->fromname= ' Aeolian crossing '; $mail->body= ' Test 4 '; $mail->altbody= ' Additional information '; if(!$mail-Send ()) {       Echo' Mail send failed '. ' </br> '; Echo' Cause of error '.$mail-errorinfo; }Else{        Echo' Mail sent successfully '; }    ?>

This will be OK, can be tested.

If there is a problem with the following figure, it is that the SMTP service is not set up on the outgoing mailbox. You can set it up

Detailed code for sending messages using Phpmailer

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