Detailed configuration of the directory services in Lotus Quickr 8.5.1 for Domino

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Directory Services Overview

The directory service provides users on one server with the ability to find users in other network domains. In IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5.1 for Domino, 3 directory service types are available, as shown in Figure 1, no directories (local members), Domino servers, and LDAP servers.

No directory: Do not use user directories, administrators and site managers must create local members in the membership list of each site. No outside site members can access the site.

Domino server: Specify the Domino server as the user directory, and Quickr will use the local Domino server to authenticate any external site members.

LDAP server: Specifies the external LDAP directory server to connect to and configures the LDAP directory connection through site management links and Qpconfig.xml files. The directory must be a supported LDAP product and has been tested and certified by this version of Lotus Quickr. In Lotus Quickr 8.5.1 for Domino, five types of external LDAP directory servers are supported (see appendix).

Figure 1. User Directory Service Type

If you specify a Domino server or LDAP server as the user directory, the administrator and the site manager can select the site members from. The following features are supported only when using the user directory:

IBM Lotus Sametime features integrated in the site

My place.

Single sign-on authentication

Super user access to the server

User name with Double-byte character set

Using the user directory also provides the following user management features:

Manage user information in a centralized location instead of individual sites.

External members use the same user name and password to access any site to which they belong, and local members may have different user names and passwords at various locations.

Many Qptool commands that allow users to manage information for multiple site members at the same time apply only to external members. For example, you can use the Qptool addmember command to add external members to the site, but you cannot add local members.

Local membership is still supported by using the user directory. The local administrator specified during the installation process is a local member of the Server Site administration location.

Configuring the LDAP Server directory service in Site administration

Configuring the LDAP server as a user directory is the most common approach, as follows:

1. Log on to the Lotus Quickr server as an administrator.

2. Click Site Administration > User directory > Change directory.

3. In the list of types, select the LDAP server.

4. In the Name field, enter the standard host name for the LDAP server, as shown in Figure 2, which shows a sample configuration.

Figure 2.LDAP Server directory service sample configuration

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