Detailed description of Python file copying operations,

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Detailed description of Python file copying operations,

This example describes how to copy a file in Python. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows:

Python is used to implement a small automatic release tool. This "Auto Release Version" is a bit Virtual. It simply copies the configuration files under the debug directory to the specified directory and copies the generated files under the Release to the same specified directory, filter out unnecessary folders (. svn), and then add several specific files to the specified directory.

This is my first python applet.

The following describes the implementation of the Code.

First, insert the necessary database:

import os import os.path import shutil import time, datetime

Then there are a lot of functional functions. The first one is to copy all the files in a directory to the specified directory:

def copyFiles(sourceDir, targetDir):    if sourceDir.find(".svn") > 0:      return    for file in os.listdir(sourceDir):      sourceFile = os.path.join(sourceDir, file)      targetFile = os.path.join(targetDir, file)      if os.path.isfile(sourceFile):        if not os.path.exists(targetDir):          os.makedirs(targetDir)        if not os.path.exists(targetFile) or(os.path.exists(targetFile) and (os.path.getsize(targetFile) != os.path.getsize(sourceFile))):            open(targetFile, "wb").write(open(sourceFile, "rb").read())      if os.path.isdir(sourceFile):        First_Directory = False        copyFiles(sourceFile, targetFile)

Delete all objects in the first-level directory:

def removeFileInFirstDir(targetDir):    for file in os.listdir(targetDir):      targetFile = os.path.join(targetDir, file)      if os.path.isfile(targetFile):        os.remove(targetFile)

Copy all files in the first-level directory to the specified directory:

def coverFiles(sourceDir, targetDir):      for file in os.listdir(sourceDir):        sourceFile = os.path.join(sourceDir, file)        targetFile = os.path.join(targetDir, file)        #cover the files        if os.path.isfile(sourceFile):          open(targetFile, "wb").write(open(sourceFile, "rb").read())

Copy the specified file to the directory:

def moveFileto(sourceDir, targetDir):   shutil.copy(sourceDir, targetDir)

Write a text file to a specified directory:

def writeVersionInfo(targetDir):   open(targetDir, "wb").write("Revison:")

Returns the current date to use when creating the specified directory:

def getCurTime():    nowTime = time.localtime()    year = str(nowTime.tm_year)    month = str(nowTime.tm_mon)    if len(month) < 2:      month = '0' + month    day = str(nowTime.tm_yday)    if len(day) < 2:      day = '0' + day    return (year + '-' + month + '-' + day)

Then the main function is implemented:

if __name__ =="__main__":    print "Start(S) or Quilt(Q) \n"    flag = True    while (flag):      answer = raw_input()      if 'Q' == answer:        flag = False      elif 'S'== answer :        formatTime = getCurTime()        targetFoldername = "Build " + formatTime + "-01"        Target_File_Path += targetFoldername       copyFiles(Debug_File_Path,  Target_File_Path)        removeFileInFirstDir(Target_File_Path)        coverFiles(Release_File_Path, Target_File_Path)        moveFileto(Firebird_File_Path, Target_File_Path)        moveFileto(AssistantGui_File_Path, Target_File_Path)        writeVersionInfo(Target_File_Path+"\\ReadMe.txt")        print "all sucess"      else:        print "not the correct command"

I hope this article will help you with python programming.

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