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Detailed descriptions of header redirection and include. The registration process goes through a single portal. The core judgment is checkip. you only need to make a game_id judgment in the template program without real-name authentication. Because the psychological registration program that is too positive and eager to get off work takes a single entrance, the core judgment is checkip, you only need to make a game_id judgment in the template program that has not passed real-name authentication. Because I was too certain and eager to get off work, coupled with the stress of everyone's urging, I was suddenly blinded and made two mistakes: first, the location of game_id was determined in advance, as a result, many variables are not uploaded to the target page. second, they do not understand the meaning of header jump and include, and directly use headers for redirect.

The page after the header jump cannot inherit the variables and other elements of the previous page. for example:
A. php file

$ UserEname = "crystal ";
$ UserCname = "Cheng ";
// Your code
Header ("location: B. php ");
// Your code

If $ userEname is referenced in the B. php file, what is the result? Okay, no more customs clearance. $ userEname = null at this time. If you use include to include B. php, you can avoid the problem of null $ userEname. This is what peng reminds me.
Post-speech: it was done when it was around, and peng dared to go home after it was done. I would like to be a dedicated person. I promised to accompany her to the shopping mall after work. after waiting for two hours at the company, I was beaten. It seems that there are still many such cases. it is estimated that she will not go shopping with me in the future... Ah ~ Programmer, it really cannot hurt!

Bytes. Because it is too positive and eager to get off work...

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