Detailed explanation of how to use SQLyog to analyze MySQL database

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Use SQLyog to analyze MySQL database:

Solyog is easy to download, install, and use. I went to the relevant website to download, it is only 384K byte size. It installs two files (an executable file. exe and a dynamic-link library file. dll) to the C:Program Filessqlyog path. Then run the executable file.

There is no need to visit the site after the installation, I visited the website is to get a message that its domain name is not set (configured), registered, or under construction. I don't know whether the question is temporary or always. The software is free and has no Logo ads (banner ads), so it may be a specific business model that has not yet been finalized. In the end, there may be a negative charge.

databases, tables (table), and Lie Shu (column tree)

The program starts by asking for my password to log on to the Mysol server. I just need to enter my server name, user ID, and login password. All other settings are the correct default values. Then (when I start another transaction, restart a few times, after a nap), I rerun the program, and then I just need to enter my login password again. The program does not have the option to save the password, you can think that this is a bug in the program, can also be said to be the confidentiality of the program characteristics.

Once you log in, the interface is very noteworthy. All databases on the MYSOL server are displayed on a tree control. You can only access the database that you authorized at logon. If you point to the tree structure of the database that the delegate authorizes you to, you can see a series of nodes representing the table. Once you have opened the table node, you can see a series of nodes that display the field names and another collection of nodes that represent the index.

The index interface is definitely a good thing, so you can crud query indexes and keywords. This is an improvement relative to the front-end database, such as Microsoft Access. This part of the program is very mature, given that Mysol is just beginning to provide support for the primary (primary) and unrelated (foreign) keyword relationships. On the lower-right panel, there are four tabs, namely: results, messages (message), objects (object), and history (History).

What's the downside?

I tried to discover the flaws of the program, but only one was found. If you run the program's. exe file under Win32 Dependency Walker, you'll find that it references the COMDLG32.dll file, and COMDLG32.dll takes turns referencing apphelp. In fact, Commdlg calls AppHelp, and when AppHelp does not have a request function, Commdlg is a waste of resources.

Too simple?

On the SQLyog FAQ, there is a view that the software is not required to be formally archived. Of course, the FAQ (FAQ) itself is an archive. The SQLyog interface is very intuitive. I recommend that you print a copy of the Mysol document (including SQL Special Syntax extensions). That's what I did, it was just a half-inch loose-leaf cover.

One last step?

The FAQ also reminds us of a occam ' s razor rule that makes people's ears get calluses but is right--it's not necessary to do anything beyond the necessary complexity. I'm selling this tool everywhere because it provides us with a simple, graphical interface that can manage many databases on Mysol servers. It's very fast, and its copy is small (it can be placed on a floppy disk).

SQLyog claims to be a Query analyzer, and in fact it functions much more than that. If you are using Mysol, you can download SQLyog on its website (you need to register your name and email address), and then feel its other features.

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