Detailed explanation of IIS 7.0 settings in Vista

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When iis7 was first used, it was confusing, and there were no attribute forms that were originally familiar with. Instead, there were some unfamiliar terms and operation methods. If you do not comment on this change, it is good or bad. Let's start it.


First, install iis7. Vista does not install iis7 by default"ProgramClick "enable or disable the WINDOWS function" in "function" and hook up the corresponding IIS function. If you want iis7 to run ASP. NET 1.1 program, you need to select these options for IIS6 compatibility.

The second is configuration. for ASP. for net2.0, everything should be simpler, because iis7 supports ASP by default. for the net2.0 program, you only need to re-create an application pool and select it. net Framework Version 2.0, managed pipeline method: Classic. This should be OK.

For ASP. NET 1.1, it is much more complicated, because iis7 is generally installed after. NET Framework 1.1, so use: % WinDir % \Microsoft. Net \ framework \ v1.1.4322 \ aspnet_regiis-I to register your. net Framework 1.1, but when you view your site, you only need to run ASP. NET page, IIS will be suspended. At this time, after a lot of practices and searches, you can be very responsible to tell you that you have not installed. net Framework 1.1 SP1. After the installation, add the corresponding application pool in the pool, and then set the site. Everything is OK.

next, let's talk about ASP settings. As a classic Web framework, sometimes some ASP pages have to be viewed on your own machine, so let's make iis7 support ASP: First, check whether ASP support is installed, or the web service under IIS in "enable or disable windows, check the corresponding items in the application development function. asp options are available in the site at this time. aspclassic will be included in the IIS program ing, which should be disabled by default, in this case, edit the running permission and enable it. If you still cannot view it at this time, the permission is still insufficient. You can modify it in the following ways: add the users permission to temp under C: \ Users \ Default \ appdata \ local.

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