Detailed Rules for Android to read GPS Data

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After obtaining a real machine that can test the GPS module and testing the GPS, it is found that the time needed to read the GPS longitude and latitude information depends on many factors, such as weather, location, hardware, and running speed. Practice has confirmed that: satellite signals cannot be obtained indoors. Can agps improve this defect? If the operation speed is very fast, the signal intensity changes rapidly and cannot be located due to the difficulty of stability? if conditions are good, the GPS data will be read smoothly, otherwise the positioning time will be extended, or even about an hour.

As for the display of GPS search icons, I am also very knowledgeable. When I start to listen for GPS Data Reading, the satellite icon still appears until the positioning is successful. Pay attention to the registration of the GPS listener and delete the listener, is the removeupdate method, otherwise it will always update the positioning information, resulting in an endless loop.

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