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The procedure for wireless laptop Internet access is described in the previous article "detail: full steps for wireless laptop Internet access 1) (2) (3)"). The next step is the link and placement of the wireless router. In these two problems, the strength of the wireless signal is determined by the route location. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the placement problem.

Connect the ADSL modem to the WAN port of the router to establish a wireless network in the home to enable wireless Internet access in the notebook.

Figure 11 ). This item is also set in "Network Settings", some in "Basic settings", and some in "Network Connections. This step mainly selects the Internet access method based on the Internet access type, such as China Telecom's ADSL, Fig 12 ).

Figure 11 connect a Modem to a vromodem

Figure 12 set dialing options


TIPS: how to place better signals on a wireless router

If you want your laptop to connect to the Internet wirelessly to achieve the desired speed, the signal problem of the wireless router is the key. Wireless routers should be placed in the middle of the room as much as possible. At the same time, they should avoid interference sources such as microwave ovens and stay away from metal shielding. The height of the wireless routers should also be exquisite. They should be placed as high as possible to reduce interference from obstacles. The antenna should be perpendicular to the ground figure 13 ).

Figure 13 wireless routers should be placed as high as possible

So far, the external wireless network coverage of the laptop wireless Internet access is complete. Then we need to set the wireless network card for the notebook. For details, see "detail: full step 5 of wireless laptop Internet access".

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