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It's time to upgrade the system, but how can 14.10 Ubuntu be upgraded to ubuntu15.04? Below I will upgrade my own system.

1, click the settings in the menu. Because of the changes in desktop software, so there are now set directly to our Computer configuration adjustment, we click on the set icon here.

2. In the settings. There are many items inside the system project, we click on "Software and update" This icon, the following figure

3, software and update Windows can update the system, you can update the software. Click on the "Update" bar, set to prompt to update the way "every day" and have a new version of Notify me set to "apply any new version", and then turn off the software and update Windows, then the system if the network will prompt you whether to update.

4, in the Update prompt window. Our purpose is to update, then click "Install Now"

5, then a full English interface. Since my current system version is 14.10 and then prompted with 15.04 of this new Ubuntu version, I click on "Upgrade (U)"

6, the system according to your click to upgrade into the next interface. After clicking on the Upgrade button, my system will start downloading and upgrading the installation package. A total of six steps, wait until the previous step is completed before entering the next step.

7, do not recommend to upgrade the process of clicking the "Cancel" button. But the system will once again prompt you "Do you want to start an upgrade?". At this point, if you do not want to upgrade, then click the Cancel button still in time, otherwise please click the "Upgrade Now" button.

8, this system began to officially upgrade the period, do not power off, or click to cancel, otherwise there will be unexpected results

9, finally, the system upgrade completed, ask you whether to clear the installation package. We suggest that you click "Delete", and then click "Reboot Now", after the system reboot, the upgrade is complete!

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