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What is BitLocker Drive Encryption? It is a system-wide encryption that uses a string of characters as a voucher to ensure that your mobile storage facility can be lost without revealing the data. In Win8, this feature has a better experience than previous versions, so let's take a look at how to encrypt our USB drive using BitLocker driver encryption.

First we press the win logo key +w, in the pop-up search box input drive Encryption, click the search results, the following figure:

Click to pop up a new window, as shown below:

Where the G disk is our will encrypt the U disk letter, we click on the right side of the submenu button, open the following submenu:

Click Enable BitLocker, pop up a new window, wait for the initialization process to end:

After initialization we will see the encryption method selected window, where we choose to use the password to unlock the drive, where we can enter a custom password for encryption:

After you check the password unlock drive and enter your custom password, we will see the backup settings for the recovery key:

The recovery key is to ensure that we use a string of characters to unlock the encrypted drive when a credential (password or smart card) is lost. This recovery key can be saved in our Win8 Microsoft account, can be saved as TXT file, can be directly printed out. It is worth noting that the way to save to a Microsoft account is to be aware that this option is not available if it is a domain account. After you have selected the item to be saved, we can also save it as a TXT file, or print it directly, after the backup is complete, click Next.

We then select whether to encrypt only the used parts or to encrypt the entire disk, where Windows

8 has already explained two options clearly, we choose one of our own needs, where only the used part of the encryption is Windows

8 new features to make the encryption process a lot faster:

After selecting Next, pop up the following window to confirm the encryption:

Note that in the encryption process, if you do not click Pause, you must not unplug or remove the drive, or you will damage the files on the drive. And in order to ensure that encryption is not cracked, it takes a long time to encrypt, so with the need to encrypt the size of the part, the encryption time will have varying degrees of lengthened, need to wait for some time.

After the encryption is successful we will see the following window:

Next we unplug the drive and plug it in, view the drive, double-click the drive, and we can see:

Here we enter the password can be correctly unlocked and used, if we forget the password does not matter, click More Options, click Enter the recovery key, enter the previous we backed up the key on it.

If we need to turn off BitLocker, after unlocking the encrypted drive, we turn on the search (WIN+W) input Drive Encryption and we can see the following, just click on the settings we need to make.

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