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According to a number of previous reports, Windows 8.1 will enable users to boot directly to the traditional desktop when they power on. To completely skip the temporarily unfamiliar "start screen", and now a new screenshot shows that Microsoft's new system is not only the traditional function as a system option, but also provides a richer customization.

As shown on the diagram, "Taskbar properties (Taskbar and Navigation properties)" One of the tabs "Navigation (navigation)", we can see this position of the hero a lot of Windows 8 new custom feature options.

Let's look at Corner navigation first. In this category, three settings for Charm Bar are provided:

-The first item is "When the mouse moves to the top right corner of the screen, whether display search, sharing and start settings";

-The second item is "switch to the most recently opened application" when the mouse is moved to the upper-left corner of the screen;

-The third item is whether to use Windows PowerShell instead of a command prompt when the mouse right-clicks in the lower left corner of the screen, or when you press ' win+x '. ”

Next, take a look at the freshest "Start screen", which leaves an option:

-The first is "when the power-on landing, whether directly into the desktop rather than the Start screen";

-The second item is "When in the Start screen state, the background used is the desktop background";

-The third item is "Press the ' Win ' button, always open the Start screen";

-The fourth item is "to automatically display the ' All applications ' interface immediately after entering the start screen";

-The fifth item is "Access to the ' All applications ' interface when arbitrary search is enabled, not just search applications";

-The sixth is to list the traditional desktop apps first when you enter the ' All Applications ' interface.

Windows 8.1 will be officially released at the Build 2013 developer conference in late June, when Microsoft will detail all the details of all of the above features, and it is unclear whether any changes will be forthcoming.

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