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PING is the most commonly used troubleshooting command. It consists of a group of ICMP response request packets. If the network runs normally, a group of response packets will be returned. ICMP messages are transmitted using IP data packets. Therefore, when an ICMP response message is received, the connections below Layer 3 are working normally. Cisco's ping command not only supports the IP protocol, but also supports most other desktop protocols, such as ping commands for IPX and AppleTalk protocols. First, let's take a look at the execution of ping commands supporting the IP protocol in user EXEC mode, and then discuss the many powerful functions of the extended ping command in privileged mode. In User execution mode, ip ping simple IP ping can be executed either in user mode or in privileged mode. Under normal circumstances, the command will send back five response requests. The five exclamation points indicate that all requests have successfully received the response. The output also contains the maximum, minimum, and average round-trip time information. Every "!" Indicates that an echo response is successfully accepted. If it is not "!" The reason why the echo response is not received :! Response successfully received ACCEPT request timeout U Destination Unreachable P protocol not reachable N network not reachable Q source suppression M not segmented? The unknown packet type ipx ping ipx ping command can only be executed on routers running IOS v 8.2 and later versions. In user mode, IPX ping is generally only used to test the Cisco router interface. In privileged mode, you can ping a specific NOVELL workstation. The command format is "ping ipx IPX address ". Appletale ping the command to use Apple Echo Protocol (AEP) to confirm the connectivity between AppleTalk nodes. Note that the current Cisco router only supports the Apple Echo Protocol for Ethernet interfaces. The command format is "ping apple Appletalk address ". In privileged mode, the extended ping command applies to any Desktop Protocol. It contains more functional attributes, so you can obtain more detailed information. Through this information, we can analyze the causes of network performance degradation, not just service loss. The execution method of the extended ping command is also ping. Then the router prompts different attributes. The extended ip address can be pinged as follows: YH-Router # pingProtocol [ip]: Target IP address: count [5]: 10 datatime size [100]: 1600 Timeout in seconds [2]: Extended commands [n]: ySource address or interface: of service [0]: Set DF bit in IP header? [No]: Data pattern [0 xABCD]: Loose, Srict, Record, Timestamp, Verbose [none]: Sweep range of sizes [n]: Type escape sequence to abort. sending 10,160 0-byte ICMP Echoes to, timeout is 2 seconds :!!!!!!!!!! Success rate is 100 percent (10/10), round-trip min/avg/max = 36/39/48 ms first we will discuss various available attributes of ping in privileged mode. The default values of each attribute are displayed in brackets. Protocol to be tested. Target address: The Target address of the test. Repeat count indicates the number of times of repeated ping if intermittent failure occurs or the response time is too slow. Datatesize if the message is suspected to be lost due to long delay or segment failure, the packet size can be increased. For example, we can use a 1600-byte message to force segmentation. Timeout can be increased if it is suspected that the Timeout is due to slow response rather than packet loss. Extended commands answered "OK" to obtain the Extended attributes. Source address must be the address of the router interface. Type of service is a property defined by RFC 791 TOS. The default value is 0. Set DF bit in IP header? By setting the DF bit to disable segmentation, even if the packet exceeds the MTU defined by the router, segmentation is prohibited. Data pattern [0 xABCD] can test the line noise by changing the Data mode. Loose, Strict, Record, Timestamp, and Verbose [none] are all attributes of the IP packet header. Generally, only the Record attribute and Verbose attribute are used. Other attributes are rarely used. Record can be used to Record the address of each hop of a message. The Verbose attribute specifies the response time of each response .. Sweep range of sizes [n] This attribute is mainly used to test faults such as the loss of large packets, slow processing speed, or failed segmentation. Extend ipx ping the extended IPX ping also allows you to modify parameters, such as the packet size and number of duplicates. Another enhancement attribute of ping in user mode is the Novell Standard echo attribute. With this attribute, You can ping the workstation that loads IPX. If this attribute is disabled, the Novell IPX devices do not respond to ping because they do not support the Cisco proprietary IPX ping protocol. Users can modify the properties of devices so that they can support this extended appletalk ping extension. The AppleTalk ping command is an enhancement to ping in user mode, which is similar to the extended ipx ping command. You can also select Verbose and other attributes like the IP address and IPX extended ping.

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