Details about the registry and anti-registration DLL and regsvr32 commands

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Details about the registry and anti-registration DLL and regsvr32 commands

There are a lot of regsvr32 commands. After reading this, you will understand.

Anyone who has used ActiveX in the regsvr32 command to fix system faults knows that ActiveX cannot be identified and used by the system if it is not registered, generally, the installer automatically registers the ActiveX control that it uses. But what if you need to manually register a control? It is too troublesome to modify the Registry. In the Windows system folder, there is a regsvr32.exe program, which is the built-in ActiveX registration and anti-registration tool for Windows.

The regsvr32.exe of the 2000's system is in the WINNT \ system32 folder;
The regsvr32.exe of WINXP is in the windows \ system32 folder.

Regsvr32 is used as follows:
"Regsvr32 [/S] [/n] [/I (: using line)] dllname ". The dllname is the ActiveX control file name. We recommend that you copy it to the system folder before installation.

Parameters have the following meanings:
/U -- anti-Register Control
/S -- no matter whether the registration is successful or not, the prompt box is not displayed
/C -- console output
/I -- skip the control option for installation (different from registration)
/N -- do not register the control. This option must be used with the/I option.

Method for executing this command:

1. You can call up the running dialog box in "start"-"run", or use the win + R hotkey, and then enter it directly in the input column.
2. Run CMD at start to bring up the 'COMMAND prompt 'window, and then run the regsvr32 command.

Ii. Description of regsvr32 error messages
When regsvr32.exe is used, it will try to load the component and call its dllselfregister function. If this test succeeds, regsvr32.exe will display a dialog box Indicating success. If this test fails, regsvr32.exe returns an error message, which may contain a Win32 error code.

The following lists regsvr32 error messages and possible causes.

Unrecognized flag:/invalid_flag
The keysign or switch combination is ineffective (see "regsvr32.exe usage" in this document ).
No DLL name specified.
The. dll file name is not included (see "regsvr32.exe usage" in this document ).
Dllname was loaded, but the dllregisterserver or dllunregisterserver entry point was not found.
The dllname Is Not A. dll or. ocx file. For example, enter regsvr32 wjview.exe to generate the error message.

For example, if you type regsvr32 icwdial. dll, the error message is returned because the icwdial. dll file cannot be registered by yourself. If you suspect a corrupted dllname version exists in the memory, try restarting the computer or re-extracting the original version of the file. If you are running Windows NT, you may need to use the kill or pview tool in the Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit. For more information, click to view the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article: 197155 how to terminate an isolated process oleinitialize failed (or oleuninitialize failed ).

Regsvr32 must initialize the com library before calling the required com library function and uninitializing the library when it is disabled.

1. easily fix ie browsers
Regsvr32 shdocvw. dll
Regsvr32 oleaut32.dll
Regsvr32 actxprxy. dll
Regsvr32 mshtml. dll
Regsvr32 urlmon. dll
Regsvr32 browseui. dll

1. Running the preceding command simultaneously not only solves the problem that IE cannot open a new window, but also does not respond to any issue when you click the hyperlink with the mouse;
2. It can also solve other IE problems, such as incomplete webpage display, no Java effect, and no Automatic Webpage jump, when you open some websites, the system always prompts "this page cannot be displayed.

Ii. Solve the problem that Windows cannot be upgraded online
Regsvr32 wupdinfo. dll

Windows has many vulnerabilities. You need to use the "Windows Update" Upgrade Program to perform online upgrades at intervals. However, "Windows Update" is often unavailable, we can use regsvr32 to solve this problem.

3. New methods to prevent web script viruses
Regsvr32/u scrrun. dll

The web script virus is embedded in the webpage, and the machine will be infected with this virus when surfing the Internet without knowing it. I believe that using anti-virus software alone cannot effectively prevent these script viruses, and they must be transmitted from the virus transmission mechanism. The replication and propagation of the network script virus are inseparable from the FSO object (File System Object). Therefore, disabling the FSO object can effectively control the spread of the script virus.
To use the FSO object, type the "regsvr32 scrrun. dll" command.

4. Uninstall the zip function provided by Win XP
Regsvr32/u zipfldr. dll

Windows XP is famous for its powerful functions, but some features are often "chicken ribs". For example, the zip and image preview features provided by Windows XP not only occupy system resources, features are far less powerful than third-party software. In fact, the regsvr32 command can easily uninstall these functions.

5. fixed the problem that files cannot be viewed through thumbnails.
2000: Start → run, enter regsvr32 thumbvw. dll
XP: Start → run, enter regsvr32 shimgvw. dll

6. Enable WMP player to support RM format
Many friends like to use Windows Media Player (WMP), but it does not support the RM format. Do you have to install other playing software? I have a solution.

Take Win XP as an example. First download a plug-in RM format and decompress the plug-in to obtain two folders: release (for Windows 9x) and release Unicode (for Windows 2000/XP ); set realmediasplitter under the release Unicode folder. copy the ax file to the "system drive letter \ windows \ system32 \" directory. In "Start> Run", type "regsvr32 realmediasplitter. ax. Click OK. Download the decoder, such as real alternative. After installation, you can use WMP to play the RM format audio and video files.

7. Enable the wmp9 player

Some music Web pages use Media Player for online karaoke. Some friends have installed wmp9, but they only see the boring wmp6 player panel when they listen to music online. They want to make the beautiful wmp9 Panel appear, of course it's okay.

For most Windows 98 operating systems with Frequently Asked Questions, close Ie first, type "regsvr32 wmpdxm. dll" in "Start> Run", and click "OK.

8. Solve the Problem of no response when the system function is enabled. regsvr32 shdocvw. dll

Sometimes, you can click the search function, help, support, or management tools of the XP system from the Start menu, but there is no response, which is the lack of association in their opening method, so we only need to use regsvr32 to register the dynamic connection library files they need to call.

9. regsvr32 appwiz. Cpl cannot be opened when adding/deleting programs
Regsvr32 mshtml. dll
Regsvr32 jscript. dll
Regsvr32 MSI. dll
Regsvr32 "C: \ Program Files \ common files \ System \ ole db \ oledb32.dll"
Regsvr32 "C: \ Program Files \ common files \ System \ ADO \ msado15.dll"
Regsvr32 mshtmled. dll
Regsvr32/I shdocvw. dll
Regsvr32/I shell32.dll

When you open the Add/delete program in the control panel, double-click its icon and there is no response, or automatically close it after it is opened. You can use the above command to solve the problem.

10. XP user accounts cannot open regsvr32 nusrmgr. CPL
Regsvr32 mshtml. dll
Regsvr32 jscript. dll
Regsvr32/I shdocvw. dll

11. New measures to prevent web script viruses
Regsvr32/u scrrun. dll disable FSO object
Regsvr32 scrrun. dll uses the FSO object

12. Solve the problem that Windows cannot be upgraded online. regsvr32 wupdinfo. dll

The following are some of the symptoms: I call it the Active Script Vulnerability of IE. Although these two commands can be fixed, they do not have a permanent cure. I suggest you go to the Microsoft website to perform IE security updates, vulnerability patches.

Regsvr32 jscript. dll
Regsvr32 VBScript. dll

1. Use it in combination with the above mentioned methods to fix ie browsers (which may not be worthy of use). This can effectively solve the problem that some web pages cannot be normally displayed and the functions are not normal, for example:
A. Some verification codes are not displayed.
B. Do not display some dynamic images
C. Do not display the list of posts in some forums
D. The Forum quick jump function is useless.
E. When posting Forum posts, press Ctrl + enter to submit without response

2. Fixed some blank windows, such as the blank search assistant Operation Panel of the 'search' function of XP, blank System Restore page, and blank User Account page. (100% availability)

3. Fixed the 'internal application error' prompt when Windows Media Player 9 or a later version is enabled '. (100% availability)

4. You can fix the blank space after 'add/delete Project' in Win 2000 is opened. (99% availability)

5. solved the problem that Windows 2000 could not see any files when viewing the Program Files folder and WinNT folder on the web, and ran the 'Control panel 'icon to the left.

6. solve the problem that the shortcut menu function of the Internet Express cannot be used on the webpage.
On the website, When you right-click a 'Download connection', a menu will pop up. If you select 'use Internet Express downloading', The flashget download task page will pop up. If you find this function does not respond, this may be the reason: the original menu is the jc_link.htm file in the flashgetdirectory. This file is written in VB language, so its function is to lose the dynamic Connection Library VBScript. DLL is not registered or called.

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