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I believe that many professional SEO practitioners to e-commerce sites have done optimization, whether it is the hospital's SEO, manufacturing Enterprise SEO or part of the shopping platform search optimization, belong to this category. If two years earlier, perhaps we feel that SEO is very easy to exchange links, send some outside the chain, even if the site does not update the long-term will maintain a good ranking. And now, we are more and more feel the difficulty of SEO, first to analyze the difficulties we face.

1. Need to optimize the number of keywords.

The purpose of E-commerce site is to sell products, want to network marketing business will provide a large number of products and keywords. For example, the hospital's website, all the departments involved in the hospital will become the target keyword, in addition, each section involved in the serious illness and the attendant various illnesses. In addition to the target keyword, if you are also the company to follow the SEO single peer, you have to pay attention to, is to optimize the key words with the flow hook, money to do SEO will be concerned about the site's core indicators-site traffic, only to optimize a few target keywords, traffic will be very miserable, So you also have to find a way to put the high flow of keywords to sit up.

2. Competition from peers.

Now is the market economy, a savvy businessman will not let go of any one opportunity, any industry e-commerce site springing up, with the first, there will be countless peer into the home. Sell products are similar, leading us to optimize the same keyword even long tail keyword competition pressure is huge.

3. Baidu bid.

E-commerce Baidu bidding is the most direct way, which also directly affects our SEO effect. A core business keyword, often has more than 5 bidding rankings. Even if you do the first place, it will be greatly affected. Optimized to the homepage of the key words, it is likely because the bidding is too big to let the viewer disgusted, and finally nothing.

In this case, we should mention our coping strategies. Can be in many competitors to stand out in order to reflect the true ability of SEO. The title has been said very clearly, the breakthrough I think is the long tail keyword and the site included in the amount of ascension.

First, the site's directory with the level of keywords, the establishment of a tree-shaped structure of the directory for the keyword Ranking Good foundation. To do the website optimization, the most important is the long tail keyword mining and distribution, successful E-commerce site will not be in the long tail of the keyword lost to the opponent. This kind of keyword acquisition is also very simple, just mentioned the hospital website case, it is very straightforward to explain, from the site provided services or products to start with the product attributes and evaluation and other keywords to combine.

Moreover, the paper needs a lot of collection and weight to make the long tail keyword play a role, this aspect can be said, but same, do a good job of original articles and content, the recent study of the case is "gift for a long time gift net", recommended to you to study the site, whether the column page or product page, Have to learn from the SEO method, it can be said that E-commerce site SEO is one of the top sites. Search under his keywords can be found, different levels of competition keyword corresponding to the different degree of competition of the SEO page, such as "birthday gift" such as the keyword as the home keyword, more than Baidu Encyclopedia and many top-level domain name site ranked first; Birthday send What good "is also a more competitive keyword, through the column page to achieve SEO rankings; The final" Birthday gift necklace "is done through the product page. As a simple example, there are more techniques that you can tap on your own.

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